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Part 13 going through restricted territory in Sector 6. Samus acquires the Wave Beam after destroying the rogue machine. [1080 HD] {60 FPS The Restricted Laboratory is an area in the Restricted Zone where the Biologic researchers bred and researched Metroids.The high-security area appears to be kept secret by Biologic Space Labs and the Galactic Federation.. Samus enters the area after obtaining the Wave Beam.She examines the area, but before getting very far, an SA-X attacks Metroids in the Laboratory

Metroid Fusion - Restricted Zone (Laboratory) Added: 2021-01-30 02:48:55 AM: Authors: BootaNoBijuu: Type: Ripped Purpose: Foreground Description: A misterious place from Metroid Fusion. It has 2 variants (the normal, and when the laboratory is being destructed). Tags: mechanical: Download: Download - 11.21 KiB 51 download A video walkthrough for Metroid Fusion for the GBA.In this video, Samus explores the restricted laboratory. They're...breeding Metroids in here! NO!The SA-X. You'll now see a cutscene where the entire Restricted Lab detaches from the station before ultimately exploding out in space. It now looks like that's the end of the Metroid breeding program, as well as the SA-X. Go right when the game returns you to Samus to find a Navigation Room, it's time to face the SC Objective 1: Restricted Lab jettisoned. The famed Metroid series makes its return with Metroid Fusion. Relive the timeless gameplay and exploration that made the series a legend

The Restricted Zone is an area within the Biologic Space Labs Research Station.The Restricted Zone is a high-security level area designed with the sole purpose of Metroid breeding and research within the Restricted Laboratory Battle in the Restricted Lab. omygod this is my favourite part of fusion its so amazing to see art of it. This is both beautiful and badass! The artist didn't add any glow effect to this. This piece is so legendary it happened on it's own. WOW. This could be official art

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  1. Anyone having trouble with the detachment of the restricted laboratory in Metroid fusion? Question. It's honestly driving me insane. Having to dodge metroids while dealing with the crappy controls of the space jump is honestly infuriating. 0 comments
  2. Power Bomb locations. Power Bombs unleash a massive explosion once detonated, clearing the screen of enemies caught in the blast radius. There's quite a number to be found in the game (32 in total - each one gives you an extra 2 bombs), so using them often will give you a higher chance of survival in enemy-infested areas
  3. -Fusion: Metroids were again cloned and bred in secret by the Federation on the B.S.L. station, the restricted lab, the Metroids, and an SA-X all destroyed when it detached and self-destructed; however, one escaped and matured to its omega form, serving as the final obstacle between Samus and her escaping the doomed statio

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  1. After the incident at the Restricted Lab, Samus speaks with her ship's computer, who is angry about the discovery and subsequent destruction of the Metroids. The computer explains that the Federation had been secretly working on a Metroid breeding program, for peaceful applications
  2. The Restricted Zone is a top secret location within the Biologic Space Laboratories research station that required authorisation to enter. During the events of Metroid Fusion Samus Aran forced her way into the restricted zone with the recently acquired Wave Beam, it is there that she found her way into the restricted laboratory, a series of rooms in the restricted zone where Metroid breeding.
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GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America) From SciFi guy (03/02/2003; 64KB) 1) Finished 1% Challenge 2) Just aquired Varia Suit 3) Sector 2, first time through. From Sceptre (07/28/2003; 64KB) 1st File: Beaten Omega Metroid Once, upto Giant Spider Boss, 100% to that area. From poomonkey4000 (02/02/2003; 64KB) Beat any of the three files to. Metroid Fusion (メトロイドフュージョン, Metoroido Fyūjon?), also known as Metroid 4 and referred to as Metroid IV during production, is the 4th chronological entry in the Metroid series.It is also the first of two Metroid games released on the Game Boy Advance.It, along with Metroid Prime, is the first Metroid game released in eight years since Super Metroid in 1994 Before she can react to the situation, an Omega Metroid appears, apparently having escaped from the Restricted Lab before its destruction and grown to full size in record time. Samus possesses no weapon capable of damaging the Metroid, and a single swipe of its claw reduces her energy reserves to one unit This is a sub-page of Proto:Metroid Fusion. The 0911 prototype of Metroid Fusion is European in origin. To do: There are other changes, as mentioned in this post and thread. Contents. It repeats over and over again and may have been intended to be used when Samus gets past the gate into the Restricted Lab. 10 Minutes to Destination, 731 I have a lot of good memories tied with the Metroid series. I can remember in 1988, at the tender age of 6, plotting maps for my mum to help her conquest of Zebes. Then in 1993, playing Metroid II.

Metroid Fusion. Game Global Stats Players & Owners Game Boy Advance Metroid Fusion Escape the Restricted Laboratory within 10 seconds: 306 Vitalit-E Acquire an Energy Tank: 1,783 Wrecked Arachnus-X Defeat Arachnus-X without taking damage: 408 Wrecked Nettori. Shinesparkers is a Metroid fan community dedicated to providing the latest Metroid news and exclusive content. It is also the home of several fan-arrangement video game albums which include Harmony of a Hunter and Harmony of Heroes. Launched in August 2010, Shinesparkers has published a range of interviews and features After destroying B.O.X., she reached the Restricted Laboratory and discovered the Federation's secret Metroid breeding project. Following the sound of the explosions rocking the lab, she found the SA-X attacking infant Metroids, though it was quickly overpowered. However, the SA-X's assault had activated the emergency fail-safes—moments after.

History. Zeta Metroid is the sixth natural stage of a Metroid's life cycle. They appear as enemies in Metroid II: Return of Samus and its remake Metroid: Samus Returns.They also have a minor appearance in the Restricted Lab of Metroid Fusion.. The Zeta Metroid possesses a very different structure from all prior forms, as it now resembles a reptilian dinosaur Suddenly, the SA-X appears, and in an attempt to destroy the Metroids sets off the restricted labs' auto-destruct sequence. Samus escapes but the lab is destroyed. Discovering this, the computer berates Samus for ignoring her orders, and admits that the Federation was secretly using the lab to breed Metroids Metroid 2002: Metroid Fusion Welcome to Metroid 2002's Metroid Fusion section. Check out Speed Runs or Sequence Breaking in the menu to your left. News 2013.05.06. Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: ARC II, Main Deck, NOC SA-X, NOC, NOC 2, PYR 2, TRO SA-X, TRO SA-X 2, SRX 2. nate. 2013.04.2 Metroid Fusion is an action-adventure game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance handheld console in 2002. It was developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1, which had developed the previous game in the series, Super Metroid (1994). Players control bounty hunter Samus Aran, who investigates a space station swarming with organisms infected with virions known as X parasites Metroid Fusion (Used in the cutscene where the Restricted Lab is ejected.) Image Gallery. DuckTales Sound Ideas, EXPLOSION - SHORT EXPLOSION. Metroid Fusion Sound Ideas, EXPLOSION - SHORT EXPLOSION. Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (1988) Sound Ideas, EXPLOSION - SHORT EXPLOSION. Add a photo to this gallery

Metroid Fusion is an action-adventure platformer video game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance.It was released in North America, Europe, and Australia in November 2002, and in Japan in February 2003. The game is considered to be the fourth main installment in the Metroid series; the intro alternatively refers to the game as Metroid 4.. - Just after visiting the Restricted Lab you'll find an elevator leading back up to Sector 1. Go right at the top of the elevator to find a large room that looks like it's from Tourian in SM. Space Jump up the first shaft and fire a charged missile at the wall on the right to reveal this Energy Tank hidden in the wall Metroid March!! ~And another Fusion piece!~ Or the incredibly neat twist the first time you find the Restricted Lab. There are just so many memories and amazing moments and elements of Fusion I could fill a book. It's a classic I still play annually, and a game I will never tire of

Restricted Laboratory Numerous Metroids are located here. As Samus enters the last room, violent explosions start to rock the area, and red lights begin to flash The Biologic Space Laboratories research station, or B.S.L. for short, was a large research station orbiting the planet SR388. Its purpose was to research various life forms from an untold number of planets in each habitat. The vessel was operated by Biologic Space Laboratories. It is the main setting for Metroid Fusion and a recurring mention during Lego Metroid Anima & Lego Metroid (Revamp.

Metroid Fusion: Metroids were found in the Restricted Lab on the BSL Research Station. By replicating the Metroids' home of SR388, the Galactic Federation was able to succeed in getting the Metroids to evolve naturally again. Samus destroyed the entire laboratory and all the Metroids within, but one of them escaped.. Metroid Lab - This stage doesn't seem to be based on anything, but it bears a resemblance to the Restricted Laboratory from Metroid Fusion, which also contained Metroids in it. It uses the old Norfair layout from Project M, with two platforms that move random directions. Mushroom Kingdom (SSB The Restricted Lab had been ejected and was now hurtling through space. It didn't get far, as it suddenly self-destructed, taking the RD-X and the Metroids with it. Well at lease I won't deal with the RD-X anymore Mega Man X (SNES) - Armor Capsule. Mega Man X3 - City (Boss) Mega Man X4 - Split Mushroom (Moon) Metroid Fusion - Habitation Deck (Jungle) Metroid Fusion - Restricted Zone (Laboratory) Metroid Fusion - Unused Ridley-X Room. Sonic Rush Adventure - Plant Kingdom (Initial Area) Super Dangerous Dungeons - Grassland

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  1. Metroid Fusion, from the restricted lab. >> Anonymous 07/12/21(Mon)16:06:04 No. 563553364. Anonymous 07/12/21(Mon)16:06:04 No. 563553364. File: 1490506177368.png (560 KB, 637x515) 560 KB PNG >>563552832 >By the time we get actual robots they're going to look like gay Michael Bay Transformers shit (which is precisely what Boston Dynamics robots.
  2. Main Article:Metroid Fusion. the evolved form of a Metroid that had escaped the Restricted Lab before its destruction. The creature defeated her in a single blow, but just before it could kill her, the SA-X appeared and began attacking the Metroid with its Ice Beam. The Omega Metroid recovered in time and attacked the SA-X, giving Samus.
  3. The Japanese version of the game has three difficulty settings. Normal mode is the same as the North American and European difficulty levels. Easy mode allows you to absorb much more life and Missiles from free-floating X's and makes most of the bosses easier. Samus also doesn't take as much damage from hitting enemies
  4. However, her searches lead her into a Restricted Zone within the station, where she makes a startling discovery: there is a lab there where all types of Metroids are kept in stasis! An SA-X also enters the lab and starts killing Metroids, which leads to an auto-destruct sequence being initiated
  5. ator was the SA-X that had been in the Restricted Lab, but escaped as the Metroids were destroyed. He later found Phazon that had been cloned by the Federation, and was corrupted by it, dramatically altering his appearance. He also absorbed Sylux to further change his form to look less like Samus
  6. Metroid Fusion is a Japanese anime film. 1 Summary 2 Characters 3 Plot Elements 4 Notes Armed with a brand new suit, Samus must take it upon herself to destroy the X, predators of the Metroids. Bounty hunter Samus Aran explores the surface of the planet SR388 with a survey crew from Biologic Space Laboratories (BSL). She is attacked by parasitic organisms known as X. On the BSL station, Samus.

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It was the first time I'd seen a species in a video game given so much biological detail. Where it really popped out though, once I actually looked at it, was in Metroid Fusion for me. When I first went through the Restricted Laboratory in that game I didn't realize they had the SR388 stages of the lifecycle in there In the Metroid Dread game, Samus's suit appears to have changed quite a bit from her previous missions. In the Metroid Fusion game, Samus' suit was greatly transformed after the emergency removal of pieces eroded by the X parasite and a life-saving injection of the Metroid vaccine—resulting in an organic appearance for her suit Metroid: Fusion (2002 Video Game) Trivia. Showing all 4 items. Jump to Specimens of all stages of Metroid development can be seen in the Restricted Lab, except for the final stage: a specimen of this stage appears at the very end of the game as a boss enemy. 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting Besides the Ice Beam, this is the strongest weapon. You must win the rematch fight with the Rogue Security Robot and the Beam Core-X afterwards. This is needed to get into the Restricted Laboratory. It takes nearly 50 missles to beat the B.O.X security robot. The B.O.X is the code named Rogue Security Robot Metroid Fusion Time to finish based on 6 play times. Game Info. Platforms: PS3 GBA 3DS: Genre: Action: Publisher: Nintendo: Released: November 17, 2002: Bounty hunter Samus Aran, the protagonist, explores the surface of the planet SR388 with a survey crew from Biologic Space Laboratories (BSL). She encounters an X Parasite, virions that can.

Metroid Fusion Walkthrough. Some Upgrades You Might Have Missed ← Escape the Station The Final Showdown If you are ready to enter the Restricted Zone, then in the room with the security camera, go to the left and shoot your beam at the red light through the gate to open it. Then go to the left and roll through the tunnel to reach the. 3000019. Which background's position is written to 400001C/1E (BG3HOFS/BG3VOFS, BG3 X-Offset/BG3 Y-Offset) 300001A. Puts Samus always on top of the background. 300001B. Most recent (in game's order) ability recovered. 300001C. To which security level doors will flash. 00-04 Doors up to level 0-4 flash In Metroid Fusion, your main nemesis is a clone of Samus, and the final boss is an Omega Metroid. In Metroid: Other M, your main nemeses are clones of Ridley, Mother Brain, and a cloned Queen Metroid, and the final boss is some kind of freakish Metroid that oddly resembles Phantoon. Both games feature Nightmare, a boss not found in any other game Metroid Fusion (メトロイドフュージョン, Metoroid Fyūjon?) is an action-adventure video game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance.It was released in North America, Europe, and Australia in November 2002, and in Japan in February 2003. The game is considered to be the fourth main installment in the Metroid series; the intro alternatively refers to the game as Metroid 4 Adam is first introduced in Samus' soliloquies in Metroid Fusion, though he is seen and interacted with in Fusion's prequel, Metroid: Other M, which greatly expands on his character, revealing that he left the police, and joined the Army as a commander, leading the 07th Platoon. as it is aware of the presence of the Restricted Lab but.

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  1. Shortly after finishing off SA-X, I was rewarded with yet another boss fight with an infant Metroid that had escaped from the Restricted Laboratory and grew into an Omega
  2. The ending of Metroid Fusion. As the player we know that the BSL and SR388 had to be destroyed, but the Galactic Federation did not. Samus destroyed a research facility and a planet, then fled the scene. In modern day times that would be like blowing up a research lab and a large amount of a park or such
  3. An infectious creature with the powers of Samus Aran, the SA-X from Metroid Fusion was one of the most dangerous opponents Samus was tasked with def
  4. METROID/ALIEN MARATHON, PART 4 OF 4 THE GAME: Metroid Fusion (2002) [played on Nintendo DS Lite] THE PLOT: While accompanying researchers on SR388, Samus Aran finds herself infected by a parasitic organism later dubbed the X. Galactic Federation scientists save her life with a vaccine developed from the baby Metroid's preserved DNA. After regaining consciousness, the bounty hunter is assigned.
  5. It is also revealed that the Galactic Federation was breeding Metroids in the Restricted Laboratory in B.S.L. (most of these were killed by one of the SA-X, resulting in the lab's ejection and destruction). An Omega Metroid appears as the final boss (having escaped the Restricted Lab), during B.S.L.'s collision course with SR388
  6. Metroid Fusion; Main Deck : Sector 2 (TRO) Sector 4 (AQA) Sector 3 (PYR), Sector 6 (NOC) Main Deck : Sector 2 (TRO) Sector 5 (ARC) Sector 1 (SRX) various locations : Restricted Laboratory : Metroid Prime; Space Frigate Orpheon : Chozo Ruins : Chozo Ruins : Chozo Ruins : Phendrana Drifts : Phendrana Drifts : Phazon Mines : Phazon Mines.

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Omega Metroid. A product of the Galactic Federation's Metroid breeding program, this Omega Metroid is a mutated clone, and was able to metamorphose much more quickly than a normal, natural Metroid. The Omega is immensely powerful and able to kill its prey in just a few swipes with its massive forearms. The Omega's bulk keeps it from being. Metroid Dread (also known as Metroid 5 and Metroid V) is a game for the Wii U that released on October 21, 2015 worldwide. It is the eleventh entry in the Metroid series and set after the events of Metroid Fusion in which Samus disobeyed her orders and destroyed the X parasite and SR388. The Galactic Federation is after Samus, who has gone into hiding Another Metroid, Kirael whispered, We thought only the Omega was left. You forgot the Hatcher, I replied slowly, a horrible thought dawning on me, the Metroid Hatcher. It can produce hundreds of Metroids per hour, I rounded on Sahalael, How long has it been since the Restricted Lab was breached? Over a week, Sahalael said

Metroid Fusion - Minako Hamano, Akira Fujiwara - Nintendo - GBA - 2002-Environmental Tension & Restricted Lab Break in Sword of Mana - Kenji Ito - Nintendo - GBA - 2003-Endless Battlefield Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Yoko Shimomura - Square - GBA - 200 Metroid Fusion is Missiles: The Game' but still yeah, never don't be charging. Plasma beam basically makes missiles obsolete with the damage buff. Still, Nightmare is easily the hardest part of the game, and even while being good at space jump (which Nat is, as long as he's not talking about it) it's still hard to dodge

Spire wanted it to find out what happened to his race, the Diamonts, and Noxus wanted it to make sure no evil got it. So, Spire and Noxus join Samus and Roy's forces. Admiral Dane tracks down Roy, and attempts to take him back. Samus confronts him about the Restricted Lab, demanding to know why they started it Metroid Fusion Walkthrough. Keep going to the left and you will find the Restricted Laboratory. There are some interesting specimens in the background. Keep going through the lab until you can go no farther. When the ground starts shaking, go back the way you came All Games » Game Boy Advance » Metroid Fusion. Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance) Developer: Escape the Restricted Laboratory within 10 seconds . won by 1380 (776) of 3841 Wrecked Omega Metroid (25) (149) Defeat the Omega Metroid without taking damage . won by 394 (284) of 3841 (10.26%) Swift Escape (25) (108) Escape the station with. Download the game guide 'Metroid Fusion - Tank Location Checklist' for Metroid Fusion on Game Boy Advance (GBA) (41109) 2. Diffusion Missiles From the elevator to the Restricted Zone, head right to the next room. head to the bottom part of Restricted Zone where the Lab was once coupled to the station. From the Save Room down there, run.

Omega Metroid (Metroid Fusion): Surviving the SA-X's destruction of the Restricted Laboratory shows this guys a survivor, too, at least until Samus gets her full arsenal. 18. Quadraxi And my first impression would be you would base the Metroid sprites in Fusion's Restricted Lab, and tweak their appearances to make them fit in. I agree with whoever decided to put some dead Space Pirates in the area. And don't forget the Federation guys who failed to kill those Metroids, too Metroid Fusion Walkthrough : This walkthrough for Metroid Fusion [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 07 Jul 2010 by Man in Black and is called Walkthrough. If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up Man in Black and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 10 other walkthroughs for Metroid Fusion, read them all Being inspired by Gamemaker's Toolkit's first season of its mini-series Boss Keys, which is a series that looks into the design philosophies of Zelda dungeons in terms of layout, I decided to do something similarly for the Metroid series.This idea was fueled by things like item randomizer algorithms and 100%-speedruns, because I wanted to find a way to chart out the areas of Metroid in an. Metroid Fusion [02] Sector 1, and Chozo Boss - WARNING: There is NO BGM in this video. all you can hear is commentary. This is the second video I recorded with my new webcam w/o sound. and The..

Ah, Metroid Fusion. Released alongside Metroid Prime in the same day, (well for North America at least), both of these games marked the beginning of the Golden Age of the Metroid series, with Retro Studios consistently releasing Prime games and Nintendo consistently working on Metroid games.If two games releasing on the same day starting nearly a decade of almost nonstop releases wasn't enough. Metroid Fusion received several awards, including Handheld Game of the Year at the 2002 Interactive Achievement Awards, Best Game Boy Advance Adventure Game from IGN, and Best Action Game on Game Boy Advance from GameSpot. In the United States, the game sold 199,723 copies in its first month with revenues of $5,590,768, making it the month's. Metroid Fusion is as long and difficult as the player chooses to make it. Following the story itself should take under ten hours for most players, but there's a wealth of hidden power-ups and. To be fair, Samus technically lost the fusion suit, it became the Omega Suit when the SA-X Parasite bonded with her, but yeah, I mean at this point it's just Metroid standard to start us back at the beginning and feed us new toys. Gunna be funny to see Samus yet again bump her head and her suit systems all fail as all of her abilities disappear though

Overview The Biologic Space Laboratories (or BSL for short) Research Station is a scientific research lab in orbit above SR388, the home planet of the Metroid species. It appears in Metroid: Fusion, and the entire game is played in its corridors.The BSL station is attacked by the X Parasite that took control of Samus Aran's old power suit, morphing into the being known as SA-X The Samus Aran-X(orSA-Xfor short) is the main antagonist of Metroid Fusion. It is an almost-identical duplicate of Samus at maximum strength. After being attacked by an X parasite on SR388, several pieces of Samus's Power Suit were infected and surgically removed and sent to the Quarantine Bay on the Biologic Space Labs (BSL) research station. It was there that the SA-X spawned. With the use.

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Metroid Fusion:ROM map. From Data Crystal. Jump to: navigation. , search. The following article is a ROM map for Metroid Fusion. 08593274 - Title screen logo, 40238 bytes. 08000000 Boot 080000C0 InterruptSetup 08000104 InterruptCode 08000230 MainGameLoop 080002B4 Title 080003AC Intro 08000448 InGame 080004D0 Map 08000548 SoftReset 0800054E. The X Parasite (also known both singularly and collectively as X) is an alien creature found in the Metroid Universe on planet SR388 and on the BSL research station. It is not a true parasite as a parasite does not kill the host unless absolutely necessary. It is an ectoparasitoid. In its natural state, an X parasite is a free-floating glob of protoplasmic material

Description. Unleash the colors !!! Ascent is a full hack of super metroid. More super metroid with same gameplay but whole new level design, new visuals and even some new mechanics. It has approximately the same amount of rooms as original game but bigger rooms and the difficulty is harder than original but not too much SR388. SR388 is the home planet of the Metroid species. It is the planet in which Samus explores in Metroid 2 and the beginning of Metroid Fusion. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Make sure this is what you intended Metroid Fusion was considered fun and satisfying by several reviewers.X-Play claimed that it was a pleasure to play, and praised its beautiful graphics and audio. [36] The game satisfied IGN, which appreciated the lengthy minimum of 10 to 12 hours of playtime required to complete the game, further hailing it as an outstanding achievement on the Game Boy Advance. [32 Metroid Fusion is a game that is, chronologically, the last Metroid game. As of writing this, there is no other Metroid game that takes place after Fusion, but there very well may be

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There's a lot of parallels with Metroid Fusion . OathToOblivion Take back the future's Drive. Apr 27, 2016 Other M and Fusion Hm...Samus sends the Restricted Section down to SR388, thereby killing the X on the planet then blows up the BSL Lab or allows the SA-X to blow up Sector 3 while she wall-jumps up the elevator shaft to her ship and. The Main Deck is the first area that Samus Aran ventures into while aboard the Biologic Space Laboratories research station during the events of Metroid Fusion.The Main Deck serves the purpose of connecting to other sectors of the station, as well as containing the living quarters for the station's crew members and the operations room that allows the flight course of the station to be changed. The SA-X releases several X specimens into the station, which brings Samus to the restricted lab. There, she discovers dozens on infant and adult Metroids in stasis. The SA-X attacks the Metroids, which locks the lab down sending it off to explode in space while Samus and the SA-X manage to escape the lab in time

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Update. Sorry for the long wait but im back. And as well I could be working on a Super Metroid hack (possibly) so feel free to comment, Metroid Fusion SCREWED UP Damn.I was at the restricted lab part when I accidently pressed the F1 button and it went backkkk to Serris : ( Metroid Fusion items Metroid Prime items Metroid Prime Pinball items Metroid Zero Mission items Metroid Prime 2: Echoes items Restricted Lab Dependency Chart Riven - Dependency Chart ALTTP - Dark World LA - Koholint Island overworld Changes complete, just need to reupload

Metroid Fusion - GBA/DS-compati ble cartridge Adam, on a series of missions, Samus explores and unlocks the various areas of the Biologic Space Lab by platform-jumping, blasting enemies and solving puzzles to uncover secrets that provide power-ups, enabling Samus to reach new areas and tackle the increasingly dangerous X parasites. Game: Metroid Fusion (Nintendo, GBA) Compilers: zerofighter & rocktyt: For this month's Maps Of The Month featurette, I wish to draw your attention to zerofighter & rocktyt's Metroid Fusion (GBA) maps. When revisiting SR388, the home planet of the now-extinct Metroids, a parasitic organism dubbed X attacks Samus Chapter Text. Several systems away, a meeting took place among shadowy members of the federation's secret intelligence division. The footage played before them in repetition, the Omega metroid attacking and tearing apart the SA-X and combating Samus Aran soon after before dragging her off into the restricted section Since 1996, the Metroid Database has provided Metroid fans with manuals, reviews, walkthroughs, maps, artwork, and FAQs for each title, as well as news, fan works, utilities and a thriving forum community. Metroid Database :: Metroid Prime Manual Find below a complete scan of the Metroid Fusion instruction booklet

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The Gamma Metroid is the fourth stage of a Metroid's life cycle. They appear in Metroid II: Return of Samus and in one of the containers of the Restriction Laboratory in Metroid Fusion. In Metroid II, Gamma Metroids can fire electrical beams from their horns to defect missiles and harm Samus. They can be defeated with 10 missiles, assuming it. Maybe a sequel, or an early Metroid fusion. Ah well, we still have a 3 Wii metroids (Counting Trilogy) 2 Gamecubes and 1 DS. I think we can wait 'till an amazing HD Wii U one comes out Overview Metroid returns to third-person in Metroid: Other M. Metroid: Other M is the latest instalment in the Metroid series and the second Metroid title designed from the ground up for the Nintendo Wii.The game is a co-production of Nintendo and Tecmo studio Team Ninja under the joint name Project M and was first unveiled to the public during Nintendo's E3 Press Conference on June 2, 2009

The ability to create and launch missiles. Sub-power of Attack Powers and Rocket Manipulation. Variation of Weapon Creation and Projectile Attacks. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Variations 5 Associations 6 Limitations 7 Known Users 7.1 Anime/Manga 7.2 Video Games 7.3 Cartoons.. The famed Metroid series makes its return on the Game Boy Advance with Metroid Fusion. After Samus' exploits in the Super Nintendo classic Super Metroid, the intergalactic bounty hunter becomes infected with a parasitic life form known only as X. Samus is rescued and revived by Metroid DNA only after undergoing some major changes in her body and suit, resulting in a drastic change in her.

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The Anatomy of Metroid Fusion | 16 | Old friends – GintendoSamus' upgrades - Power-up locations - Metroid FusionSector 6 - Wikitroid, the Metroid wiki - Metroid: Other M