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In this video, MHI installs a custom linear fire place from start to finish. The homeowner chose a 4 foot linear fireplace and dimensional marble for her tile Learn the basics of how to install a Dimplex BLF, Prism Series or IgniteXL linear electric fireplace. This video covers wall construction, electrical supply. When placing the cabinets into the space, I am left with the total width of the new linear fireplace wall being 6′-11″. The fireplace measures 40″ wide and the TV measures 44 5/8″ wide (this is a 50″ TV). I centered the TV and the new linear fireplace on the 6′-11″ wall. By centering the TV and the fireplace, we will have roughly. The installation of a fireplace can be a costly and potentially dangerous endeavor, with gas fireplace installation even more challenging still. By the end of this brief article, you will be armed with the information and resources necessary to install a fireplace safely and economically Installation of linear fireplaces is completely different from traditional fireplaces with chimneys. Linear models are installed inside a wall and can also serve as a divider between two rooms, with a view of flames on both sides. The versatility of these stunning appliances is unmatched. No matter what room a linear fireplace is installed in.

4. Create Modern Storage for Logs. While many linear fireplaces today use either gas or electricity for fuel, we still cannot deny the natural beauty of rough-cut wood. By creating a modern storage for logs near your fireplace, you not only break up the large wall, but also bring a beautiful textural element to your fireplace motif A linear fireplace is a rectangular gas fireplace that can be installed indoors and outdoors. Also referred to as contemporary fireplaces, linear fireplaces can be installed recessed or flush inside walls built with practically any building material Hi Desigers! I'm looking for some advise on how high to place a linear fireplace from the floor. The fireplace is 46 x 18 and the ceiling height is 12'. It will be a contemporary space - large format tile surround to the ceiling - no mantle. So, where would you place the fireplace from the floor. Electric linear fireplaces are lighter than gas linear fireplaces, but they are still cumbersome to mount. We recommend at least two people to install the unit into the framed opening or wall mount. You can find more information in our guide to electric fireplaces From all of the pictures I have looked at, linear fireplaces are typically higher than regular fireplaces. While some are mounted mid wall, others are face height while seated..and others still are closer to the floor (generally when one mounts a TV over the fireplace, which we both dislike by the way). I believe the center of ours in this.

www.blazingembers.co Another benefit of owning a linear gas fireplace is that it is installed into the wall. Since they have a flat surface and are not bulky or intrusive and can free up space for you and your family to enjoy. Manageable. Traditional fireplaces can be a lot of work to manage and maintain. You need to take into account the time it takes to clean the. Installation Steps. Before you start the installation, make sure the fireplace functions correctly - plug it in, play with heat and lights, if everything works, move on with the installation. 1. Frame The Wall. Check the size of the wall opening in your installation manual. Usually, it is 1/4 larger than the firebox dimensions If the fireplace is primarily viewed from standing height, eye level is about 60-66 off the floor, and you are faced with a choice. If the fireplace will share the wall with artwork or a TV over the top, you'll want to use the same rule as for the seated viewing area, possibly coming up a few inches if your wall is over ten feet high Jul 3, 2019 - Explore Kim Lichtenberger's board Linear fireplace, followed by 106 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace design, home fireplace

The cost to install and run a gas line to a fireplace ranges from $26 to $55 per linear foot, with most spending $130 to $2,140. If a gas company already installed the main gas line to your home, then connecting them to a gas fireplace from the meter will be less expensive Set the Fireplace in Position Set the fireplace on the platform and slide it into position. Then apply a pencil-width bead of sealant to the starting collar of the fireplace. Use the sealant recommended by the manufacturer, usually stove cement or high-temperature silicone caulk Here's what you need to know to install your new Empire Boulevard Vent-Free Gas Fireplace.The Boulevard Linear Vent-Free Gas Fireplace by Empire is just what..

Installing a wall mounted electric fireplace is basically a three-step process: Step 1: attach the mounting bracket to the wall. Step 2: attach the firebox to the mounting bracket. Step 3: attach the screen to the firebox. Most electric fireplaces are shipped in two separate boxes one contains the flame effect screen, and the other contains the. Here's what you need to know to install your new Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Gas Fireplace!The Boulevard Direct Vent Gas Fireplace by Empire features a mode..

People tend to enjoy installing linear fireplaces inside of the walls, making them flush with the rest of the decor. That way, they don't stick out unnecessarily or cause any kind of asymmetry with the room's design. They aren't bound by the traditional fireplace requirement - they can go anywhere, at any height.. Five Reasons to Choose a Linear Fireplace. One of the hottest trends in home design is linear fireplaces. Unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace, linear fireplaces use gas to light a row of flames behind a plate of glass. Installed flush with the wall, they can present an aquarium-like mood piece that can elevate any room Installation Steps. Before you start the installation, make sure the fireplace functions correctly - plug it in, play with heat and lights, if everything works, move on with the installation. 1. Find a safe location close to a power outlet. Find a location that is close to a power outlet. Never use an extension cord

What is a Linear Fireplace? Linear fireplaces are contemporary fireplaces. Linear Fireplaces are gas fireplaces that can be installed almost anywhere Most Versatile Fireplace Napoleon's Luxuria™ Series of Linear Gas Fireplaces requires no safety screen thanks to the Premium Glass Guard system, enhancing your view. Choose a Single Sided unit or maximize your enjoyment with a See Through model

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Preparing for a Fireplace Installation Appointment. To prepare for a smooth installation, make sure to do the following before the technician's arrival: Clear an eight-foot radius around the project and a path from entry to workspace. Cover items (such as furniture, electronics or art) and roll up any rugs within the area For linear fireplace installation and all chimney services, contact the certified chimney sweeps at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio. We offer a large selection of linear fireplaces from top manufacturers. Contact information follows for you to get in on the benefits of linear fireplaces just in time for fall And that is, installing a contemporary linear fireplace in a home with traditional or transitional architecture because it looks 'new and trendy'. Here's the issue. If you are not immersed in the language of interior design, it's too easy to equate 'modern' or 'contemporary' with 'new'. And easy to think 'new' is better Gas fireplaces need noncombustible flooring. Also question is, what size is a linear fireplace? Contemporary fireplaces can also recede into the wall or create a divider between two rooms that share the fireplace. The no-mantel look fits ideally with a linear fireplace, which can be anywhere from 3 feet to 21 feet long or more This fireplace has not been tested for use with doors. To reduce the risk of fire or injury, do not install doors. Using this fireplace with doors installed may result in a fire or explosion, causing property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. The FireRock Linear fireplace is approved for Indoor and Outdoor use

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Starting at. $10,492 *. Primo. Indoor Gas Fireplace. Make your home a sanctuary with the stunning Primo, our high-end linear gas fireplace with a clean finish. It draws you in with arresting good looks, a ribbon of flame, and heat control to put a TV right above it. View Details. Starting at. $8,812 * Chic linear fireplace ideas make an ordinary room look extraordinary. The modern, linear look is designed to add elegance and sophistication to the interior. These fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs - from traditional to contemporary and are an immediate focal point in any room 6. Lift the fireplace off the pallet and place it near the installation site. If the fireplace must be placed on end so that a hand truck may be used for transportation, remove all loose components from inside the fireplace. Truck from the left end (when facing the fireplace opening) only. 7. Remove the non-combustible board from the pallet

Fireplace Unit Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: Slimline linear electric fireplace. Wall mounted. Fire glass or stone bed. Glass front. 5000 BTU output. Connects to existing 120V electrical. 1 unit: $1,113.90: $1,369.21: Fireplace Unit Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install fireplace unit with favorable site conditions 564 Fireplaces. 564 TRV 25K Deluxe Gas Fireplace (FPX) 2018 - Current. Install-EN Install-FR Framing Owners-En Owners-FR. 564 TRV 25K Clean Face Deluxe Gas Fireplace (FPX) 2018 - Current. Install-EN Install-FR Framing Owners-En Owners-FR. 564 TV 35K Gas Fireplace (FPX) 2020 - Current

What are linear electric fireplaces, how are they different from gas and what types of linear electric fireplaces should you consider? Here we answer all these questions, talk about installation, and direct you to a few resources that can help you find the exact type of linear electric fireplace to meet your needs The space below that is available for the fireplace. Many people will center a linear fireplace halfway between the bottom of the TV and the floor. If the fireplace is a traditional shape, it will take up more of the height between the floor and bottom of the TV. Larger fireplaces will end up closer to the floor in this situation Two forms of above-fireplace installation are exceedingly popular. The recessed alcove would be the first. As the name implies, this is a sunken compartment where your TV or electronic device will be mounted, giving an overall more modern look to your hearth. For example, linear fireplaces are usually mounted several feet from the floor.

While some may be hesitant to install a vent-free fireplace because of the lack of venting, vent-free fireplace technology has many benefits. Usilton says that this method is safe and sound—and has come a long way from the rudimentary heating process that originated in Europe and the United States about 80 years ago Ascent™ Linear 46. Make the Napoleon Ascent™ linear gas fireplace the ideal finishing touch for your home. Customize the look by adding optional media enhancement kits like the natural and nautical feeling Beach Fire or Shore Fire kits. The earthy Mineral Rock kit is another colorful option and can be mixed and matched with the other kits. The installation must conform to local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 or the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code CAN/CGA-B149.1. Only qualifi ed licensed or trained personnel should install this appliance. This appliance must be electrically grounded i The name linear fireplace, is used for the fireplace, because it can be specified by linear foot. For example, Flare 3ft, Flare 4ft or Flare 8ft. When specifying and referring to a linear fireplace, it mostly refers to a rectangular shaped fireplace. Read more and learn on what feature really matters for linear fireplaces

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  1. Gas Fireplace Cost by Type . Gas fireplaces are designed for energy savings on heating, ambiance, and affordability. If you want to install a fireplace or replace an existing one, you can choose between a gas insert, gas logs, or a built-in 2 gas fireplace. The gas fireplace's cost depends on the design's size and technology
  2. The elongated horizontal shape of linear fireplaces provides geometric symmetry with the rectangular profile of flat screen TVs. Ultimately, growing consumer enthusiasm for the modern, clean look of the linear gas fireplace firmly cemented the symbiotic relationship between fireplace and flat screen TVs
  3. Today, linear gas fireplaces aren't just for outside walls. A Heatilator Fan Kit can extend the heating range of your Rave. And with Power Venting technology, a fan-powered accessory with slim venting can zig-zag through your home - up, down, over and under - making it possible to install your gas fireplace virtually anywhere
  4. I understand it is a matter of preference, but still looking for some ideas (and reasons why) on how high to mount an electric fireplace. I am looking to buy and install Dimplex BLF50 fully flush on a living room wall being newly built. Contractor is looking for a decision so he can build the frame..

Adding A Blower To A Gas Fireplace - By installing a blower you will be able to distribute the warmth coming from the fireplace to all areas of the room by placing it directly in front of the fireplace or in an open area like a doorway near the fireplace. One can also be professionally installed by a fireplace repair contractor. Blowers sadly cannot be put on gas logs but that doesn t mean. A HearthCabinet® single-sided ventless fireplace can be easily added into a patio, terrace, deck or any outdoor space to add a great touch of vitality, focus, and charm. Because of its elegant design, and simple installation, these models have the ability to draw attention to the surround or enclosure you have selected to complete the project Starting at. $3,154.50. Superior VRE4543 Linear Gas Outdoor Fireplace by Superior Products. 5 out of 5 Customer Rating. (1) Item #M49900058. Starting at. $3,049.99. Kalea Bay Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace by Firegear Linear electric fireplaces are long and slender, and they can really bring that luxurious ambience to you home. These are often top-of-the line models and are best off recessed into your walls. If you're really looking to wow, check out our page on the best linear electric fireplaces and find the perfect one for your home The Power of Electric Flames. With ultra-realistic flame patterns and innovative technology developed by hearth experts, Modern Flames has made it possible for electric fireplaces to stand next to the organic allure of gas and wood systems — setting the new industry standard and making a case for homeowners and designers alike to choose electric

Product Details. With a true 60-inch viewing area, contemporary linear burner, and in-floor LED lighting, the Empire Boulevard Ventless Linear Gas Fireplace - 60 adds beauty, warmth, and ambiance to any space! A dynamic flame presentation, 40,000 BTU heat output, and 99% efficiency will keep you entertained and cozy as you relax by the fire Direct-vent fireplaces draw in outdoor air for combustion, then expel spent air to the outside through a dual (co-linear) venting system, eliminating the heat loss associated with conventional. SimpliFire is a name you can trust. Part of Hearth & Home Technologies, the world's leading developer and producer of hearth products, we make fire simple. Not just in using your electric fireplace, but in choosing and installing the right one to enjoy its comfort and ambiance as soon as possible The Linear can be operated using the basic infra-red remote, or for more features, such as timers and thermostatic control, using Rinnai's Wi-Fi fireplace controller app available from the Apple App Store or Google Play The Duluth Forge Vent less Linear Wall Gas Fireplace includes a slimmer profile design and our patented Dual Fuel technology. Elegant linear flames are easily enhanced by a hand painted ceramic fiber log to produce a stunning glowing effect while heating up to 1,400 sq. ft. of living space. These sleek but powerful fireplaces include the ability to generate up to 26,000 BTU, an Oxygen.

How To Frame A Fireplace Installing Corner Gas. 20 Amazing Finished Basements That Have A Fireplace. Basement Fireplace From Finished Company. How To Frame In A Gas Fireplace Framing For Basement Brick Makeover. Tips For Designing Around A Fireplace Heatilator. Gas Fireplace Draft. 91 Eccentric Electric Gas Linear Fireplace Ideas Sebring Design. How to Install Fireplace Inserts There are four basic phases of any fireplace insert installation. The first is the planning stage, which involves finding the right model and planning out the installation. The next stage is the prep work to prepare the existing fireplace for the insert A lintel mount hood is designed to insert into the fireplace opening and attach to the lintel, using fasteners. A surface mount hood is designed to affix to the fireplace facing, just above the opening. The 4 or 6 measurement denotes the projection of the hood from the face of the fireplace forward away from the fireplace opening 6. Install the fireplace. See pages 15 to 17. 7. Connect the electricity. See pages 17 and 27. 8. Connect the gas. See page 18 to 20. 9. Install the crushed glass. See page 23. 10. Light the fireplace and troubleshoot. See pages 24 and 29. 11. Show the homeowner how to operate the fireplace. See page 26. 12. Show the homeowner how to do the.

The Continental CBL46 Linear Gas Fireplace will blend seamlessly with your décor, or stand out as a stunning focal point. This fireplace is perfect for smaller spaces. A standard Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed shimmers with a modern look, but can be customized with the Beach Fire, Shore Fire, or Mineral Rock enhancement kits The Allusion electric fireplace embraces modern design, combining linear proportions with a multitude of flame and ember bed LED lighting themes. Safely place a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace Four flame color choices and 14 ember bed color choices for complete customization Adjustable heat that costs just pennies an hour to operat Features. Options. Specs and Downloads. Draw family and friends around. Starting at $553 *. Inspire outdoor gatherings or relaxing family moments with the stunning Outdoor Lifestyles Plaza outdoor gas fire pit. Up to 10' long, it sets the atmosphere with a modern touch or as a perimeter accent. Find a Dealer

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The Sierra linear fireplace is the perfect solution for any space. With the option of building it into your wall, easily hanging it on the wall, or attaching the table top stand, you will never have a problem finding the right place for the Sierra. Switch between three bed options - go contemporary with vibrant crystals, traditional with logs or choose a more adaptable option with pebbles for. Panoramic Porcelain Reflective interior linings intensify the nuances of the fire. Combines today's high-efficiency green technology with century-old Mendota craftsmanship. Easily customized with a choice of fronts, fire bases and interior linings. Build your FullView Décor Linear gas fireplace To create such a niche, cut into the drywall, then re-frame it with 2x4 boards to create a 6x8-inch recessed area. A TV can be mounted flush with the wall, retaining ample space for ventilation. This method works especially well above fireplaces because it shields the TV from the heat of an active fire. Another option is to install your TV on a.

Fireplaces Livingroom Floors Walls Installation N E Tile Company. 14 Fresh Designs For Tiled Fireplaces Bob Vila. 24 Beautifully Tiled Fireplaces. Fireplace Surrounds Millar Tile And Stone. 14 Fresh Designs For Tiled Fireplaces Bob Vila. How To Install Tile On A Linear Fireplace Time Lapse You. Re Brick Or Tile Fireplace Dc Kitchen And Bath. The Empire Boulevard Linear Direct Vent Fireplace - 60 features an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system and battery back-up for convenient use during power outages. The multi-function thermostatic remote allows you to control the flame height with six flame settings and functions as a programmable room thermostat to achieve your. When installing a TV above an electric fireplace on the same wall it's important to take into account where the heat is coming out of the fireplace and in which direction. You don't want the TV in the way of the heater as it may cause damage to the TV. The location of the heater will differ between type and model of electric fireplace

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A fireplace hood serves as a fireplace heat deflector to prevent immense temperature build-up that can potentially seriously damage your hearth surround and mantel. Without installing a fireplace hood, all of that heat is hitting your fireplace mantel. This is a very serious concern to those who have a wooden mantel because, without a fireplace. Installation Considerations - Fireplace Installation Guidelines Determine where to install the fireplace. The fireplace can be mounted on any of these surfaces: 1. A flat hard combustible or non-combustible surface. 2. A raised platform of combustible or non-combustible material. If the fireplace is installed directly on carpeting, tile or othe Linear Fireplace Surround Installation Installing the surround on a linear fireplace. Mosaic Masonry™ Firebrick Wall Assembly Step by step instructions on assembling Mosaic Masonry™ firebrick walls. Retro Clean Face Kit Install: Cottage Setup for B-Vent Fireplaces: Mission & BRT4000.. 1. Selecting the Proper Valve. One of the first things to establish when purchasing a fireplace is the type of appliance you wish to install. In the case of a gas fireplace installation, there is a long list of the different valve and burner systems to choose from. Among the choices in the gas fireplace category are millivolt and electronic gas valve systems Maestic • JADE32IN, JADE42IN, JADE42IL Installation Manual • 2491-986 Rev L • 419 1 Installation Manual Installation and Appliance Setup INSTALLER: Leave this manual with party responsible for use and operation. Fireplace Heaters and applicable sections of Gas Burn-ing Heating Appliances for Manufactured Homes and Recreational.

6015 HO Linear Fireplaces (sn# 3214-006940 or later) - sku# 98900776 Packing List Convection Manifold (with grill and mounting brackets pre-attached Napoleon Fireplaces: a celebration of lifestyle! Quality fireplaces that stand the test of time, we will help you find the perfect fireplace, insert or stove for your home

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  1. d when using our Custom Linear units. Please see the list below of the units that we tested
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  3. The Passive Heat (PH-FRT-LINEAR, PH-SIDE-LINEAR) Heat Management System conveys warm air from the fireplace into the same room through either one front dis-charge slot, two side discharge heat registers or an open top discharge. Installation of the Passive Heat kit must be done in con-junction with the appliance installation
  4. Ascent™ Linear Series : Multiple designer options make Napoleon's Ascent ™ Series Linear Gas Fireplaces the ideal finishing touch for your home. Customizable with the Beach Fire, Shore Fire, or Mineral Rock kit, which can also be mixed and matched. The eFire app allows you to easily control the fireplace from your favorite mobile device
  5. How to setup the Vent-Free Linear Fireplace. *NEW Linear See Thru How to convert a one sided Linear to a See Thru fireplace. *NEW Linear Fireplace Surround How to install the decorative surround on the Linear Fireplace. CCL3924NTA/PTA Setup How to set up the CCL3924 gas logs. CGEFP33NRC/PRC Setup How to set up the CGEFP33 Fireplace
  6. Ascent™ Linear 36. Make the Napoleon Ascent™ linear gas fireplace the ideal finishing touch for your home. Customize the look by adding optional media enhancement kits like the natural and nautical feeling Beach Fire or Shore Fire kits. The earthy Mineral Rock kit is another colorful option and can be mixed and matched with the other kits.

The electric fireplace is a wall-mount type and hangs on a wall like a picture. Around tall fireplaces with country style wooden shelf, small shelves are a compliment to the design. After finishing the installation of the cultured stones with joints, you will need to fill the voids between your stone with mortar grout Empire Boulevard Direct Vent Linear Fireplace The Boulevard 48 fireplaces include a multi-function thermostat remote control used to manage the variable burner, optional blower, and accent lighting. The charming, bright back-lit LCD screen will be your best guide through the set-up and operation, making it a painless process using simple graphics INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND OWNER'S MANUAL OUTDOOR LINEAR GAS FIREPLACE MODELS OLL48FP12S(N,P)-2 OLL48SP12S(N,P)-2 GAS-FIRED Installer: Leave this manual with the fireplace. Consumer: Retain this manual for future reference. WARNING Do not store or use gasoline or other flam-mable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance

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™ Linear Gas Fireplaces. Limitless Possibilities. Napoleon introduces the most versatile series of linear gas fireplaces, the award winning Vector TM and Luxuria TM series provides you with an elegant fire element allowing the flames radiant glow to enhance every room, available as single sided or See Thru Plus, electric wall units can save you a lot of time and money over installing a gas-run fireplace. In fact, you can typically unpack and hang a wall-mounted electric fireplace in under an hour. The cool thing is that you don't have to have an existing hearth or chimney to install one of thee units Linear & Contemporary Gas Fireplaces Choose the linear or contemporary Majestic fireplace that's just your style. You can choose from a linear burner that gives the appearance of a wide flame or rectangular viewing area with a more modern look

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Dimplex IgniteXL 60 Linear Electric Fireplace - XLF60. $3,059.99. Where to buy. IgniteXL ® stands apart as more lifelike and visually stunning than any other electric fireplace. With new, patented flame technology, IgniteXL ® transforms the look and feel of any room. Installation is simpler and more flexible than ever, making the. As far as the install goes, straight lines go fast and easy with this tile. They fit together fairly well so you can go pretty quick. Areas like the sides of the fireplace took more time and work because I had to do a lot more cutting. You can see that sometimes I started on the left side, sometimes on the right, so the seams don't always match up Plus FLUE & INSTALLATION* *Price excludes optional finishing items. Representing the first model in the line-up of the ProBuilder Series by Lopi, the ProBuilder 42 Linear Gas Fireplace is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a beautiful, reliable and economical way to heat their home

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Vector™ 62. Napoleon's Vector™ 62 linear gas fireplace features a sleek, contemporary design and multitudes of designer options. Complete your space with a luxurious fireplace, including the Divinity™ flame pattern with heightened peaks and valleys. Enjoy the flames' radiant glow, shining through the clear glass bead ember bed Model: Napoleon LV62N. Buy the Napoleon Vector 62 Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace. Find info on price, framing dimensions, vent configurations, installation and accessories. Available in natural gas or propane. Napoleon Authorized Dealer. At North Country Fire we strive to provide the best customer care including industry leading technical support Step Two: Prior to installing your stone, you should ensure that the existing fireplace bricks are uniform, clean, and free of loose paint or particles. This will make installing the stone easier. If your brick is particularly porous, you will want to install metal lath or concrete board over it before following the next steps Boulevard Linear Fireplaces. Boulevard SL Vent-Free Linear Fireplace (VFSL30FP) Boulevard 36-inch & 48-inch Vent-Free Linear Contemporary Fireplaces Installation Manual (VFLB36FP, VFLB48FP) Boulevard 48-inch See-Through Vent-Free Linear Contemporary Fireplace Installation Manual (VFLB48SP These ventless electric fireplaces are designed to be built into any wall for a more custom look and finish. Choose a frame for a flush mount installation or pick a frameless design and fully recess your electric fireplace. With these impressive fireplaces, you can replicate a linear gas fireplace look at a fraction of the cost

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Gallery. Features. Options. Specs and Downloads. Extraordinary ambiance is yours. Starting at $899 *. Creating a trend-forward look in any room is easy and affordable. The SimpliFire Allusion electric fireplace up to 84 is a smart choice with four flame and 14 ember colors you can change instantly. Find a Dealer Easy to install wall mount, recessed, linear and mantel insert electric fireplaces with natural looking LED flames, heaters, remote control operation. FREE, FAST U.S. SHIPPING • Most in-stock items arrive in 2-5 day Linear Fireplace Brochure: English en francais ; 1700KN/KP: L2 Linear Owner's Manual: 1700KN/KP Manual 1700KN/KP Manual (en francais) 1700KN/KP: L2 Linear Installation Manual: 1700KN/KP Installation Manual 1700KN/KP Installation Manual (en francais) 1700 Specifications: Framing, dimensions, wiring and venting: Framing Concept and Dimensions Co.

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The GreatCo 50-Inch Gallery Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is the perfect fireplace for anyone looking for a sleek, contemporary design with several customization options. The powerful, dual-setting heater and programmable thermostat provide just the right amount of supplemental heat - up to 400 Sq. Ft. The all Yes, you can install a TV above all of our gas fireplace models. We recommend using our optional CoolSmart TV Wall™ Kit, which reduces the temperature of the wall and allows you to lower the minimum distance above the fireplace to safely install a TV (either mounted or in a recess pocket). Your professional dealer can help you in determining. Depending on the setup of your living space, it could very well be a mistake to mount a tv above a fireplace. Use this guide to find the best location BOSSIN 60 inch Ultra-Thin and Silence Linear Fireplace, Recessed Electric Fireplace and Wall Mounted & in-Wall Fireplace, Adjustable Flame Colors & Speed,Touch Screen Remote Control with Timer(60) 4.7 out of 5 stars 32

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Linear Vent-Free Fireplaces. Find. your. dealer. Designed for eye-level, in-wall installation, our contemporary fireplaces feature modern technology, artfully applied Installation of Indoor Gas Fireplace is the most important part in the chain of services we offer, because of sensitivity of the task. Safety is the most important factor to us to install a safe indoor fireplace. Experience is crucial to make a one time work done and get the best result. Our professional installation team deliver years of.