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The only horse form ratings you'll ever need Welcome to RateThatHorse - where we offer horse ratings, systems, selections, racecards and tools so that you can get a headstart on picking your winners for the day. Take a free trial, have a look at racecards from the past, and start betting better today. How to use our horse ratings Each rating point equates to one pound of weight. So a horse rated at 115 should carry 7 pounds more than a horse with an OR of 108. The ratings are different in Flat & AW races and National Hunt events. Incidentally, the top Flat and AW horses are rated at 115+ while top NH horses tend to have an OR of 140+. Official Ratings vs. Racing Post.

The Professional Syndicate provides horse a racing rating services that enables you to get the best bets of the day. We offer professional racing tips and help you bet on the best horse in every race. On top of all that, our profitable strategies will be your ultimate guide for winning. The Leading Horse Racing Ratings Service In The Country Formpick is the #1 horse racing website providing horse racing ratings, horse racing results, horse racing systems and betting tips. At Formpick we provide horse racing ratings by analysing the form of every horse race in the UK and Ireland and some worldwide meetings to provide you with a ranked list of horses in order of likelihood to win Tips On Fire has been one of the leading tipsters in the world of Horse Racing for the past 7 years. We have recently branched out into the World of Ratings, bringing you our own ratings system. We bring you 7 systems each day for you to analyse and choose your own selections Horse Form Ratings Software plus Greyhound and Harness on your PC. If you bet on the Horses or Dogs then read on.. this is exciting. At last a software that has form, ratings and more, for Horses and Greyhounds

Racing Post Ratings Improvers These figures represent a very fair winner finding effort for a ratings based service which is required to post a selection for the vast majority of races across the UK and Ireland throughout the year Years ago I made a easy 100 point rating system. Based mainly on class it took in win %, current form, track conditions, Distance, wins at the track, barrier & weight. I have since learned that Winning Post Whiteway Ratings is worked out in a similar way. (Great minds maybe. Probably not lol) This is the points given to each criteria Handicapping Horse Racing Conclusion. If you google horse racing systems, you will find tons and tons from which to choose. Some will be simple. Some will be complex. If you read honest articles, the authors will tell you that every system works. And, in most cases, I believe they are correct What does the proven horse racing system mean? This means that a third party has tested the specific system. Most often, this happens in conjunction with reviews. That is a more extensive and broader summary of a tipster. Briefly, a horse racing system can be described as the tests if it works

The idea of this system is to find the class horse with the highest ability in the race. We rate two areas of the horse's performance. The first area is the Ability: Take the horse's total win money (not money awarded for place finishes This system is neither automated nor dependent on advanced horse racing software. It is a system that is completely made by the hand of an expert man with more than 30 years of experience in horse racing. There is nothing more certain than trusting someone who knows what he does thanks to his experience and knowledge System 6. Look at all of the ratings for all of the last three runs in a race and note the highest three ratings figures. Any horse that has one of these top three ratings and is 7/1 or better is a qualifier. This 7/1 stipulation is suggested for the system rules but you may decide that you will make this figure bigger or ignore it completely

Class 3 handicap races for horses rated between 76 and 95. Class 4 handicaps for horses rated between 66 and 85. Class 5 handicaps for horses rated between 56 and 75. Class 6 handicaps for horses rated between 46 and 65. Class 7 are for horses rated 0-45. Classes 2-6 are further subdivided into 14 point racing 'bands' which overlap, and. Ratings On Fires latest results. To see our past results just check out the spreadsheet below. We are a massive 230+ points up in just over 30 days: Ratings-on-Fire.xlsx

The SFR horse racing ratings are measured in lengths, whilst in other codes e.g Formula 1, the SFR is measured in seconds. Our horse racing ratings are one of the most sophisticated measures available today. Our horse racing rating system learns, predicts and continuously tries to improve its accuracy The ratings are easy to use and we are always willing to answer any questions that you may have. Download our Sample Ratings! Free Systems (members only) Take a look at our System 1. results. Based upon the 5 Easy Ways to Make Money from Horse Racing Ratings eBook (on the sidebar), System 1 is available to all members for free Horse Racing Betting Systems. Below are our reviews of horse racing tipsters and betting systems. We review each betting product for 3 months as standard, although some may take longer if there are a low volume of bets and therefore not enough action to judge the service properly In horse racing, statistics can also become a game-changer for you and the way you bet horse at an online racebook. Laying the groundwork for a mathematical horse race betting system means first making some general observances and turning those observances into rules Horse racing wagering is an easy way to add even more excitement to the celebrated sport of kings, but while casually picking winners based on trivial factors such as a catchy name or attractive racing colors can yield a lucky break once in a while, consistently making money from these wagers requires sticking to a defined points based staking system

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The Diamond Rating takes a horses early speed, late speed, and final time and balances it out into one number. The strength of the system is it's amazing ability to pick longshot winners, right on top. The reason why it can pick so many overlay and longshot winners is that it balances the pace of the race. For instance, say a horse goes fast. There are a number of different horse racing ratings systems and that includes the Racing Post Ratings which feature on racecards and give an indication as to how strong a horse is likely to be for the next race in which its entered On racing day, to apply this horse racing system simply log onto the racing post website and go through ALL of that days racing, you must mark off (in your newspaper) the selection that the racing post gives as its most likely winner. When you have done that you then look at what your newspaper's two tipsters go for in that particular race Benchmark Handicap rating is simply the rating as allocated by the handicapper. Prizemoney earned again is a summary indicator of a horse's ability, K stands for $1,000. Current rating is the maximum rating run by the horse from its last 6 starts or less. Ratings are automatically calculated from figures included with the formguide program atings system. Following the completion of the review Racing NSW has adopted the Benchmark Programming and Handicapping system (BPaH) to replace ratings from 1st October 2009. in the following pages we explain how the Benchmark system came into being and what it means for the racing industry in NSw

Inform Racing. Speed ratings based on time, distance and going, for UK flat and all weather horse racing. Individual race cards provide ratings for each horse's last three runs, plus master, course and distance rating. They also include data that shows which stalls have a statistical advantage for each individual race GoodBet Horse Racing Data is an exclusive concept software! It is a great ratings software for horse racing allowing you to estimate the real chance of each runner of a race according to logical criteria. Its job is to cut through and organise all the information so that you are presented with a broad analysis of any race, leaving you free.

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Current Ratings - Click this button to view and search/sort/filter the most current horse ratings (Will take up to 1 minute to load completely). Alternatively, use the links below to download a .csv file of all horse ratings for offline viewing. The file name includes the date of the run, which typically includes all results through the previous day THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM offers you the chance to assess each horses form and to produce your own simple, but accurate ratings. You do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to operate this system successfully. Any ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse racing section will be more than adequate for our needs

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Horse Racing System #1 - Backing for Profits Pages 5 to 6 Horse Racing System #2 - Safe and Sound Laying Pages 7 to 8 Horse Racing System #3 - Risk Reduction Dutch Bets Pages 9 to 10 Conclusion Page 11 So there you have it, the 3 systems you will find within this guide, a little hello from us and a couple of other bits in there for fun Thoro profits horse racing system 1. How to Win 43% of Your Horse Racing Win Bets and Create an Automated Money-Making Machine! by Denny Nash by Denny Nash 2. The 43% Horse Racing System! by Denny Nash This horse racing system will show you how to beat the public and almost every handicapper or tipster you'll ever meet THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM offers you the chance to assess each horses form and to produce your own simple, but accurate ratings. You do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to operate this system. successfully. Any ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse racing section will be more than adequate for our needs

By Daniel Jonson | Submitted On November 17, 2007. My Mathematical Formula is a horse racing system that actually has been around for a along time. It was released as a book about 20 years ago, over 87 thousand copies have been bought. This has been a solid approach, used successfully by many for more than 35 years This system can be refined to give an average of 18.63 bets a week with a Strike Rate of 35.33% and a POI (Profit on Investment) of 67.71% to ISP. Early Bird Ratings members automatically receive the system selection (for both the basic system and the refined version) at 5:30 pm the day before the racing with the ratings email Benchmark Ratings had its genesis early in 2013 and although the design content can be seen to be wholly attributable to its creator, racing analyst Ken Blake, in reality it is the product of an on-going collaborative process between Ken and a host of skilled analysts where ideas were bounced around via regular channels of communication

3. Of these only consider those horses that are rated top by both Topspeed and Racing Post Ratings (RPR). 4. From the remaining selections you now only consider those horses that finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in its last race which must have been within the current season. 5. Any horse that remains is a system selection Professional horse racing ratings These accurate profitable horse racing ratings are published for each race every day of the racing week in the format of a race card and are 100% FREE We provide significant horse racing stats! Trainer & Jockey course form Profitable race predictions Backing & Laying betting systems Notebook & Key stat

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  1. The 80/20 System - Yours Today For Free. This free horse racing system can be used with any selection process and can be used with horses that are short prices as well as big prices too. So may horses come close to winning but don't actually come first in their races. Horses beaten by a nose, a short head or simply losing the expected lead in.
  2. For example, times of 1:12 at six furlongs, 1:25 at seven furlongs and 1:38 at a mile all equaled a 94 to Beyer, who used a numeric system in which the higher the speed figure, the better the performance. Beyond that, a horse with a Beyer Speed Figure of 104 ran faster than a horse with a 94, even if those figures were earned at different.
  3. e if the horse is a contender at today's race class level
  4. A ratings service designed to help you narrow down the field and find those big priced hidden gems. Our powerful software and algorithms generate our ratings data each evening before racing. The ratings allow you to build systems, many of our members have had great success in building profitable system portfolios

CIELO. The CIELO Rating is an ELO variant that extends the comparative pair-wise ranking system to the international sport of horse racing. The rating system is applied to sweepstakes spanning the globe to bring horsepeople and horseplayers alike the constant of an objective measure of racehorses Rate The Races Ratings: Australia, Racehorse Ratings For Australia, Click Here To See More. Form, Ratings and more on your PC. If you bet on the Horses or Dogs then read on.. this is exciting. At last a software that has form, ratings and more, for Horses and Greyhounds. Covering Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa * The Rating Based Handicap system is designed to produce competitive racing bygiving horses opportunities to race with horses in the same class, with the weightcarried corresponding to the horse's rating The method used is the handicap ratings system. The British Horse Racing Authority is responsible for assessing the ability of each individual horse based on their performances at the racetrack. The BHA expresses this assessment in the form of an official rating which is assigned to every runner in the UK. In addition to helping create a. A quick look at the racing post shows a horse with a running history of 907 this season. And then the price has gone from 8/1 into 9/2? Not really surprising now you know how the horse racing handicapping system works is it. In this instance you should be making the most of the methods shared elsewhere on this site to make some cash

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For anyone who's interested in horse racing it's worth looking at the handicapping system. Knowing how it works, understanding its intricacies and limits. In.. http://www.geegeez.co.uk Create Killer Horse Racing Betting Systems. This 75 minute video shows you how to research and create your own horse racing systems,.. Horse Racing Ratings Examples. Below you will find some historical horse racing ratings so that you can get a feel of how they look and work. There is two tabs in the book. A site version which holds the very popular T's system picks ( three horses at the bottom of the card) and a download version that contains the horse racing ratings and. In this Horse Racing guide, we will be taking a look at handicapping.It is a massive part of the racing world, designed to offer more competitive races. Handicapping in the UK is a weights system designed to create a leveller playing field in having in-form horses carry more weight With a Cumulative Return On Investment (ROI) of 722% and an average Profit On Turnover (POT) of 17% our CK Racing System is Australia's leading +EV Horse tipping service. When you join the CK Racing System, you're hiring an expert team of tipping specialists who have generated a cumulative ROI of 722% from 3367 invested units

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If the horse wins, you collect what you wanted to win and you then take the horse off the list. It has done its job. If the horse loses, it now owes you a total of $125.00. ($100.00 you want to win plus $25.00 you lost on bets) At its next start, it may start at 25/10, you then have to put $50.00 on it to to win your $125.00 Once a horse has a rating, it is eligible to participate in handicap races. A horse's handicap mark both guides - and greatly determines - which race a horse can (or should) contest. For example, a horse with a rating of 85 could not be entered in a handicap for horses rated 50-75 or for a classified race for horses rated 0-65

Ratings database. You can find all published handicap ratings for horses running in Britain in the table below, updated each week on Tuesday morning. The ratings are listed alphabetically but you can search by trainer name, horse name or by rating; you can also export the full list of ratings, weekly rating changes or latest performance figures. The Latest Horse Racing Systems Results. The results from all of these systems are updated each day on FlatStats. You can see the results for backing all the above systems since they first 'went live' here: Horse Racing Systems - Turf Results Horse Racing Systems - All Weather Results. The Daily Systems Shee In this article, I will show you two horse racing systems that work. Yep, you did read that right! The best thing is, they are not complicated and any regular. HorseRaceBase - A Powerful & Unique Horse Racing Service. Working with members HorseRaceBase supplies horse racing research, analytical and management facilities to stay one step ahead. Learn why HorseRaceBase remains advert-free, offering 100% online fast facilities. Cards, Reports, Analysis etc. Systems, Ratings, Statistics, Results & Much More The Aussieraces.com class chart above is based on a number of premises. Racing authorities tell us that 2 ratings points = 1 kilogram. Therefore a Benchmark 84 race is 3 kilos inferior to a Benchmark 90 event. In horse racing, 1.5 kilos has traditionally been equated with being equal to 1 length in distance

When you join new betting sites, horse racing systems can be very profitable and a great aid to the punting armoury. However, it is advisable to use them in conjunction with form research and ratings, as solely relying on pre-determined selections can elicit a lazy approach which can in turn make it difficult to keep up to date with the latest. Next you have Classes 2-7, where the animals are divided simply on their quality according to handicap. Class 3 races are worth more money that Class 4, for example, but in order to race at the higher class the horse needs to be of a particular rating. Flat Racing Grades. Flat racing has three distinct bands, the Classics, Class 1 and Classes 2-7 The Members of Harness Racing Australia (HRA) have today voted to make an amendment to the National Ratings Based Handicapping System. Rating of Horses outside the National Rating System Effective 17 June 2021, changes will be made to the ratings of horses that race in Australian jurisdictions outside of the ratings system (i.e. Western Australia) The Racing Post Topspeed rating. The Racing Post publishes a Topspeed rating for every horse after a race, taking into account changing race variables when calculating a speed rating for the horse. While this is likely to create a more accurate overall speed score, it remains an overall speed score and will have limited applicability when using. Equibase's Rating System. We provide handicapping figures that are powered by Equibase. Equibase's platform provides in-depth handicapping information for horses, tracks, jockeys, and other horse racing-related information. Please use the link provided to review Equibase's Rating System: Equibase's Rating System

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If you are using The Mirror, the figures you are interested in are the ones in brackets, for this horse racing and betting system, immediately after the horses name. That is the number of days since he last raced. Then the string of figures on the left of the horse's name. These will be his placings over his last six races How Horse Racing Odds Work This Is How You Use Odds To Win At The Race Track; Both dominated the late ratings for the race. That was a lot of reasons to bet Horse #6. The two closers ran 1-2. Trust your Winnermetrics numbers! #6 $ 196.00 $51.50 $18.40 $2 Ex 6/3 $1,005.00 $2 Tri 6/3/4 $3,578.00. MORE SUCCESS STORIES The World Horse Racing Formula contains all of the cutting edge techniques I've used to quickly build up a PASSIVE horse racing income of around $50,000 every month. And don't get me wrong, I make more money from other sports betting systems and other techniques... but this comes from me basically doing almost nothing Chapter Six: 5 Huge Horse Racing Myths Busted, Once and For All Myth # 1: In the Long Term the Bookmaker and Racetracks Always Win 62 Myth # 2: If You Start Betting Big, No One Will Take Your Bets 63 Myth # 3: You Need to Be at the Tracks and Have Inside Info to Win 64 Myth # 4: Racing Tipsters Showing Remarkable Results Should be Used 6

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with a profit of +186.54 points (BSP) as confirmed by racing-index.com, that's £186 profit to £1 stakes or £1,865 to £10 stakes! Source: racing-index.com Tipster Proofing FREE access every WEDNESDAY The best horse racing software has excellent customer service, for which they can win a Best Horse Racing Software Award, amongst other possible awards. To qualify for Best Horse Racing Software the horse racing software reviews must indicate ease of use, plenty of betting options, a stable platform, and quick processing of bets placed

$888.Horse Racing System The System I™m about to show you is the combination of factors used in handicapping and an updated version of the Tote Board System. This system has been tested with amazing results. This System is used primarily for Superfecta bets, but it can be used for trifecta bets as well. With this System we are leaving all th Ratings. Horse Racing Statistics. 05/09/2017 — 0 Comments. Ratings. Value Betting Methods. 04/09/2017 — 0 Comments. Ratings. Betting System Tips. 04/09/2017 — 0 Comments. Ratings. Double Top Rated Betting Method. 04/09/2017 — 0 Comments. Ratings. Jockey Stats. 27/03/2014 — 0 Comments. Ratings. Detailed Trainer Stats. 27/03/2014 — 0.

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Ray Taulbot's Pace Calculator makes figuring pace ratings easy because it accurately calculates the combined pace, time and speed of any race. A native of Texas who was born and raised on the famed X.I.T. Ranch, Taulbot used his tenure at ATM to develop and popularize his ground-breaking pace and speed handicapping strategies Please Watch this short video that will help you learn how to use Tomform.com to filter out the runners and find a winner in each race. Find Daily Winners - How to to use Tomform - 28/1 Winner Wow! - Horse Racing. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence. System creator Max moved from betting on football to horse racing in a bid to increase his profit, and now he shares his secrets of success through Early Odds. Punters can expect to receive tips the night before the race, giving you excellent chances of placing a bet using the most up to date information possible. 4. Master Racing Tipste 4/1 - 20. Further, it is possible to evaluate a horse based on its last outing. This makes sense. After all, winning begets winning. For this reason, we can begin to quantify this aspect of our evaluation. If a horse placed 1st in its last race, award 45 points. If a horse placed 2nd in its last race, award 40 points

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With this in mind, I created a time-adjusted speed rating (TASR for short) and tested it on my database of over 77,000 races. The rules were simple. To qualify, a horse had to have: A most recent TASR of 100 or greater, earned over today's general surface (dirt/synthetic or turf). The best last-race TASR in the field. Number: 6,041 under a Ratings System in New Zealand. 19. Any horse returning to racing from an elongated break (over four months) may be eligible for re-rating by the Handicappers, upon application by connections. 20. At the end of each racing season horses identified by the Handicappers as being rated as uncompetitiv THe Beauty of Horse racing is YOU don't have to Win the race to WIN Money a 2nd Place or 3rd place LONG Shot Might Pay 10.20 vs a a Fvaorite who paid 4.20 2.40 2.10 Last week i had 70-1 long shot.

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How to read our Picks. For those who are new to Horse Racing handicapping, what you'll find for each race is a line of four numbers informing you which number of horses for that race we have Picked to come first, i.e. if Race 1 said 3-6-8-2 then we are saying Horse 3 will win with our next choices for the win being horses 6 then 8 then 2 in that order Horse Racing Classes In Australia. RACE CLASSES IN AUSTRALIA . Used to be reasonably easy - after you won a maiden, the lowest class race you were eligible for was a Class1 - when you won a Class 1 race you could then only compete in a Class 2 or better - when you won that you moved to Class 3 as the minimum quality race you were allowed to contest - and so it went all the way up to Open Class This is exactly what the Cheltenham System can offer you now. The system works at any Cheltenham meeting so you can use it all through the National Hunt season. I have been involved in horse racing for over 20 years and have tried to find a system that could make ordinary punters like yourself a regular income Racing Post Ratings. Racing post ratings are like any other rating system. A number of factors are used to assess the past performance of a horse in order to provide an indication of how the horse will perform under certain conditions. From the Racing Post betting site it is possible to view all the runners for the meetings for that day The ratings tell you which horses in a particular race are most favoured by the weights; but complete analysis demands that the racing character of each horse, as set out in its commentary, is also studied carefully to see if there is any reason why the horse might be expected not to run up to its rating While specializing in thoroughbred racing, Ray also handicaps harness racing, Quarter Horse racing, baseball, football, hockey, and has been rumored to have calculated the speed and pace ratings on two squirrels running through his backyard

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