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Forms of Propaganda: Emotional Appeals. As the term implies, an emotional appeal, or pathos, calls upon the audience's emotions or feelings. It's one of Aristotle's three modes of persuasion, along with ethos (appeal to authority) and logos (appeal to logic). An emotional appeal is the most natural form of persuasion. It's powerful This plays on a person's feelings. It doesn't use facts. This is similar to emotional words.Here's an example:If you love your children, vote for Barack Obama Not only do emotional appeals beget powerful propaganda, but certain emotions can also make us more susceptible to other propaganda techniques like gain-framing or loss-framing. Gain-framing puts a positive spin on a message, while loss-framing gives messages a negative spin. Take, for instance, the following logically identical statements 244 Insanely Powerful Words That Sell in Emotional Marketing. The customer is searching for the perfect product and after all of your hard work and strategic search engine optimization, she comes across your online shop. But it's buried in a list with nine other shops, all of which are fighting for her fleeting attention, hoping to get that. Emotional words. This is meant to generate positive feelings in the minds of the masses. Words like 'luxury' or 'paradise' are used to evoke certain feelings in the minds of the people, which they associate with the product. Glittering generalities is another important technique of propaganda. Generalities are logical fallacies

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In other words, propaganda is not necessarily based simply on emotional response or lies, but on a message that is at best indifferent to truth: that is, one that uses context-dependent ambiguities to compel an audience to believe as indisputable conclusions which do not present a complete set of relevant facts and circumstances Effective propaganda targets emotions - once it takes root reason alone cannot counter its strength. The 'meaning' is emotional, not intellectual. Stripped of its emotional impact, the phrase is often empty words. Emotion-laden yet meaningless slogans like blood and soil can never be disproven When creating emotional ads, keep in mind that positive advertising can help you get more engagement and increase sharing. For example, Coca-Cola's Choose Happiness promotion in 2015 was a powerful example that encouraged consumers to share happy memories and experiences that make them feel happy that summer. 3. Fear Words that are capable of transforming an absolute no into almost yes and a perhaps into for sure! Because it isn't really about your desired action but the underlying emotion that drives that action. If you get them to feel that emotion, you GOT 'em Propaganda plays on human emotions—fear, hope, anger, frustration, sympathy—to direct audiences toward the desired goal. In the deepest sense, propaganda is a mind game—the skillful propagandist exploits people's fears and prejudices. Successful propagandists understand how to psychologically tailor messages to people's emotions in.

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Emotional words. What are the 8 propaganda techniques? Terms in this set (8) bandwagon. an appeal to others to join the crowd in order to be on the winning side. glittering generality. emotionally appealing words that are applied to a product or idea, but that present no concrete argument or analysis Emotional Words are a way of advertising and a technique used in propaganda. By using emotional words, advertisers and propagandists can bring across positive feelings about their product to consumers. Customers can be convinced by the simple use of words such as love, adore, hate, care, etc Like the campaign, glittering generalities use words that appeal to people on an emotional level and are commonly used in propaganda. Check out a few generalities themes: Check out a few generalities themes Types of Propaganda used in commercials BANDWAGON: The basic idea behind the bandwagon approach is just that, getting on the bandwagon. The propagandist puts forth the idea that everyone EMOTIONAL WORDS: Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, and economical are used to evoke positive feelings in the viewer Emotional appeal is a propaganda technique that seeks emotions from the viewers by putting disturbing, happy, etc facts or pictures. Button Text. In this ad, the propaganda technique Emotional Appeal is used. When the viewers see this advertisement, they feel emotion and feel sympathy for the child. The use of emotional appeal is used.

Even emotional rather than rational approach is used to convey the message. The only purpose of propaganda is to change the attitude of the audience as desired. The term propaganda is looked down upon because of its nature of providing misleading information. However, propaganda is neutral in its nature and can be used for benign or harmless. Propaganda. Propaganda is a way to deliver a message that appeals to the emotions instead of presenting solid evidence to support a point. It is used by advertisers, salespeople, and politicians who may lack adequate facts to persuade people to support their point of view. Governments may use propaganda to rally support and influence people for.

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  2. Creates desire: uses propaganda techniques to make you believe you want it or need it 4. Causes action: gets results. Sells the product to the targeted audience. Recognizing Propaganda Transfer/ Emotional Appeal •Words or pictures that appeal to the your emotions. •They appeal to positive emotions like you
  3. The five types of propaganda techniques used in advertising are Bandwagon, Testimonial, Transfer, Repetition, and Emotional words. Bandwagon. It aims at persuading people to do a certain thing because many other people are doing it. Testimonial. Transfer. Repetition. Emotional words

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Take these words they come out wrong They won't express this old emotional thing If you could see inside my mind You'd know the love and feel this passionate thing You stepped into my locked out world I felt your touch on my shoulder You turned my mind right over Like a child before it learns to speak I turn to stone, I turn to ston These techniques are designed to fool us because the appeal to our emotions rather than to our reason.The techniques identified by the Institute for Propaganda Analysis were further refined by Aaron Delwichin. Name Calling: Propagandists use this technique to create fear and arouse prejudice by using negative words (bad names) t Example of emotional words propaganda? Propaganda is a form of communication, often biased or misleading in nature, aimed at influencing and altering the attitude of a population toward some cause. The act of referring to words or ideas that evoke a positive emotional response from an audience. Emotional appeals are often used . Glittering generalities are intensely emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that they carry conviction without supporting information or reason

In the end, to create an emotional response from the viewer, you need to show them an emotional reaction yourself. Nazi propaganda was skilled at that, more so than most propaganda in WW2. By evoking emotions from the viewers, Nazism went from a radical fringe party to the radical ruling party of an industrial powerhouse in the middle of Europe They hope to see us bathing in these words' positive emotional glow. It is also important to consider a close cousin of the glittering generality: the superlative. Superlatives are adjectives used to describe something of the very highest quality. Words like amazing, beautiful, best, fabulous, phenomenal, strong, and tremendous are all such. This propaganda technique uses words of an expert or a famous person to promote a particular idea. Emotional Words. Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, and economical are used to evoke positive feelings in the viewer. This technique might be used more than any other PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES TO RECOGNIZE: 1. NAME CALLING or STEREOTYPING: Giving a person or an idea a bad label by using an easy to remember pejorative name.This is used to make us reject and condemn a person or idea without examining what the label really means

As the Institute for Propaganda Analysis explains: A more subtle form of name-calling involves words or phrases that are selected because they possess a negative emotional charge. Those who oppose budget cuts may characterize fiscally conservative politicians as stingy. Supporters might prefer to describe them as thrifty In the picture above the phrase, Creamy, Dreamy, Icy, Chocolatey is used to emotionally appeal to the customers. These words definitely attract the customers to the delicious looking iced cafe mocha. Final Words. Advertising propaganda techniques have lots of negative effects on our society

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  1. Propaganda, in other words, is manipulative persuasion in the service of an agenda. The word itself doesn't imply truth or falsehood in the content or pass judgment on the agenda. Understood as.
  2. Propaganda is commonly found in speeches and writings of politicians and lawyers, as well as in advertising. In other words, propaganda is commonly used by experts in convincing people. Because of propaganda's appeal to emotion, use of fallacious reasoning, and appeal t
  3. Emotional words are processed rapidly and automatically in the left hemisphere (LH) and slowly, with the involvement of attention, in the right hemisphere (RH). This review aims to find the reason for this difference and suggests that emotional words can be processed superficially or deeply due to the involvement of the linguistic and imagery systems, respectively
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Emotional responses have been the source of untold suffering and bloodshed throughout the course of human history. As natural as emotions are, they are easily manipulated by external forces and can be used to control reason and action. Communications and propaganda experts have been aware of this fact for a very long time Affective Norms for English Words ( ANEW) is a set of normative emotional ratings for 2,476 English words. We use the valence rating considering positive (respectively, negative) the ratings above (respectively, below) the mean. General Inquirer is a list of 1,915 words classified as positive, and 2,291 words classified as negative This propaganda poster issued by the United States Ministry of Home Security during World War II. This specific WWII propaganda by the Ministry of Home Security effectively uses emotional appeal to invoke the emotion of fear and danger to make them believe in the idea that Hitler is a ruthless leader who would harm the Allies while blinking NOAM CHOMSKY - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine.. Propaganda techniques describe the specific tactics used to manipulate public opinion via propaganda. For example, name-calling, appeals to authority, exploiting emotions, presenting conflicting theories to confuse the public (we cover a long list of these techniques below)

The Language of Propaganda: How Words Can Sway a Nation. Contact us now for an accurate quote within 1 hour: 01460 279900 Email us. We tend to think of propaganda as old wartime posters, short monochrome films, crackly radio announcements and racist newspaper clippings from a hundred years ago. We tend to think of Nazis, communism and Apartheid. Loaded Words Def. A form of propaganda that uses words with almost no meaning such as New, Improved, and Best. Button Text. This poster uses Loaded Words to convey its message/purpose. Since they used words like Great and Best for you, it gives the audience a false sense security because these words are very shallow and mean. Propaganda Techniques and Devices. Propaganda makes use of a collection of devices and tricks intended to influence your thinking. What follows is a compendium of these techniques synthesized from several sources. Some of them are related and may overlap Snob Appeal. Snob Appeal is a technique of propaganda used by assuming their product is better than others. Advertisements that use this technique aim to flatter, and tell the viewer that their product is better than others, making you better as well. Snob Appeal tries to say or prove that their products are of the highest quality to convince.

Propaganda relies heavily on ethos and pathos, and will only use logos if it accesses the other two. It isn't terribly concerned with facts, figures, or truth; instead, propaganda relies mostly on the emotional responses of its audience to generate agreement and action Propaganda techniques mostly rest upon the revelation of partial facts and conveyance of sentimentally charged messages so that the audience is able to perform partial evaluation or take emotional, rather than rational decisions regarding the subject matter of the propaganda. Propaganda can take various forms Therefore, the South Korean government's use of the Emotional Appeal propaganda technique was highly effective because most people during the time, especially parents, were probably frightened about the incident, and believed the government's words without hesitation. The citizens of South Korea were easily convinced that Communism was a bad. Uses personal, emotional, or moral appeal to convince an audience to adopt a particular point of view Relies on emotions and values to persuade an audience to accept a particular position Methods Considers other perspectives on the issue Offers facts that support the reasons (in other words, provides evidence) Predicts and evaluates th

Propaganda is a way of wording or structuring something so it appeals mostly to emotions, and it distorts facts. It is used to promote a one sided argument aimed at winning people over to a certain cause or belief. TYPES OF PROPAGANDA: Loaded words and phrases / emotional Emotional . words (Loaded Language) As a propaganda technique, the term bandwagon suggests an imaginary vechicle carrying leaders or candidates of a cause or carrying large banners and/or posters. This group has a huge group of people following behind and all are in support of that leader/candidate What type of propaganda TECHNIQUE is being used? Q. Radio Advertisement: Drink Super Sports Beverage, the only drink of the NBA (speaker: Michael Jordan) Q. Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, or economical are used to evoke emotions (usually positive). Q. Includes statistics and important facts about the product

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Glittering Generalities - this is a propaganda device that uses strong emotional words or highly valued concepts such as love, freedom, and honor to arouse passionate emotions. Though 1 Quarter 3, Week Propaganda is information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or using loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be selectively presenting facts to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is being presented. Propaganda is often associated with material which is.

Jan 5, 2015 - Free printable Feelings Charts with an explanation and tools on how to use them. Many charts available. No registration required Oct 16, 2015 - Character development. Avoid flat, limited emotion. Use synonyms for emotions and feelings to show the degree and level of an emotion a character will feel Types of Propaganda Loaded Words • Loaded words, also known as weasel words, are words that are very descriptive and filled with emotion. • These words are used to capture the consumers attention and influence their actions. They can be used in both a positive and negative way and appear in all sorts of advertisements • Ex. from. Analyzing Propaganda Posters Lesson Plan Description: In this lesson, students learn to analyze some basic propaganda techniques. Students will look at the way images and words are combined to create effective propaganda messages. Students will demonstrate their understanding of this by creating their own First World War propaganda poster The term loaded language refers to words, phrases, and overall verbal and written communication that elicit a strong emotional response from the reader or listener.We use language to appeal to emotion in our everyday conversation. It's also beneficial when delivering a persuasive speech, making it a fan-favorite of politicians, public figures, advertisers, and corporations

The Battle for Minds and Emotions in War; Propaganda and Persuasion Aim at Enemy and Home Alike. McFeatters. US Plays Catch-Up in Mind War. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. April 1, 2003. Pavel, Dan. Romanian Report Contrasts War Propaganda. Global News Wire. April 7, 2003. Starick, Paul. Iraq War Propaganda; War of Words- the Battle for Hearts and Minds LOADED WORDS: DEFINITION: A commercial (which is a type of propaganda) that uses the technique of Loaded Words incorporates words with strong connotation, whether positive or negative, to make the consumer feel a certain way. A typical Loaded Words commercial uses powerful words that establish a positive feeling about the product by associating those strong words with the product Examples Of Emotional Appeal In Advertising. An emotional appeal brings the advantages of the product or service in an ad. It can influence the purchase intention of the consumer on buying a product through their emotional. Advertisement that invoke feelings or emotions and match those feelings with the good, service, or company use affective. Speeches as Propaganda. Speeches are often personal and make an emotional appeal to persuade the audience to believe or do something. Because speeches are oral, the original audience will not have a text with citations to follow along with during the delivery of the speech aggregation of tagged words in the EmoLex emotional re-source [31]. We investigated variations of the vector as seen in Table 2. The first approach, EMO SUM, is an emotion vector produced by aggregating the sum of each emotion for each word tagged in the document. EMO ZS represents the vector of z-scores for each emotion, such that every.

The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It) Every totalitarian system in history has used the power of visual propaganda to generate a new reality, one that reifies its official ideology, remaking the world in its own paranoid image. New Normal totalitarianism is no exception. For example, take a look at this panel copied from the landing. The most common explanation for why Senators Hawley and Cruz formally attempted to legitimize the po s t-electoral propaganda and lies of Donald J. Trump and his enablers is a simple one: Personal ambition. Commentators deduce that both Senators are positioning themselves for the 2024 Republican Presidential primaries Types of Propaganda Techniques Emotional appeal (e.g. fear): Appealing to the emotions of your audience. For example, when a propagandist warms members of her audience that disaster will result if they do not follow a This is accomplished by using words that are bland and euphemistic. An.

I am aware that the word propaganda carries to many minds an unpleasant connotation. Yet whether, in any instance, propaganda is good or bad depends upon the merit of the cause urged, and the correctness of the information published. The politician, however, has used the emotions aroused by words almost exclusively Propaganda—information that is intended to persuade an audience to accept a particular idea or cause, often by using biased material or by stirring up emotions—was one of the most powerful tools the Nazis used to consolidate their power and cultivate an Aryan national community in the mid-1930s Liberators. This Nazi propaganda poster depicts the people of the United States as domineering and portraying a number of negative 'characteristics' of American citizens. They show them as money-grubbing and racist, and are encouraging the German people to look at Americans in a negative way. 20. Looking for hope

Example: Target ads display the Target symbol numerous times Emotional Words Words used to make you feel strongly about someone or something Example: Use of the word Romance in Ralph Lauren perfume and cologne ads Glittering Generalities Uses appealing words and images to sell the product; Generally accepted virtues are used to stir up. Heaven Give Me Words Lyrics: Take these words they come out wrong / They won't express this old emotional thing / If you could see inside my mind / You'd know the love and feel this passionate. What are the 10 types of propaganda? Terms in this set (10) emotional appeal. appealing to the emotions of your audience. glittering generalities. seek to make us approve and accept without examining the evidence. testimonials. bandwagon. plain folks. scientific approach

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Propaganda surrounds us in our lives daily. It's found almost everywhere such as advertisements, speeches, and politics. It can influence our thoughts and actions. Who we vote for, or what products we decide to buy. This website was created to inform and define Propaganda and specifically the technique of Emotional Words. Sign in. Postman also fears that people will become habituated to the emotional pull of propaganda, building on the work of Gustave LeBon in noting that propaganda can turn groups into intoxicated, mindless crowds. Omitted from the short essay is any reflection on how learners may encounter such a lesson. We can easily imagine how students' engaged. Propaganda —the use of a variety of communication techniques to create an emotional appeal to accept a particular belief or opinion, to adopt a certain behavior, or to perform a particular action. Ask students to share examples of times they have seen or heard propaganda and how it affected them He uses words like truth, freedom, honor, liberty, social justice, public service, loyalty, progress, democracy, the American way, examples of words that suggest shining ideals. Euphemisms - Name Calling and Glittering Generalities are devices that use vivid, emotionally suggestive words to arouse the crowd to the propagandist way of thinking

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In propaganda, information could be either true or false, but it is usually false due to lying by omission. The following techniques are 10 of the many. Bandwagon Glittering Generality Loaded Words Testimonial Name-Calling Plain Folks Card Stacking Emotional Appeal Testimonia The Art of Propaganda . Courtesy of The Institute for Propaganda Analysis . Propaganda is the deliberate use of any form of communication designed to affect the minds, emotions, and actions of a given group for a specific purpose. The word . propaganda. has a negative connotation; therefore, people often associate it with dishonesty and lie Who are the primary targets of these types of propaganda and what emotions or ideas are they attempting to invoke? Create a typed response between 300 and 400 words which answers one of these particular questions fully. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Include the word count on the last line of your paper Propaganda takes many forms, but classically, it's a piece of media specifically designed to alter a person's beliefs or emotions, often of a political nature, in an intentionally misleading way

Emotional Appeal: Words/images that will make you feel strongly (hate, fear, guilt, love, honor, etc). Name Calling: Calling the other side names like evil, bloodthirsty, killers, butchers, etc. Symbols or Slogans: Repetition of memorable phrases to rally the nation or emotional symbols that appeal people's emotions Positive Emotion Words People Use. Let's dive right into Point A: which emotions are positive. The list of positive emotions that people experience is nearly endless. Not all of these words refer to emotions as scholars understand them, but they are the words most often used by people in describing their own emotions, which gives us a good. Glittering Generalities Propaganda is a type of propaganda in which the propagandist uses virtue words to appeal to ones emotional side. Examples would be the use of propaganda pertaining to community good, or Teamwork. The most sweeping generality is that conveyed by the word volk (folk or people)

The word propaganda has some negative associations; people often associate it with dishonesty and lies.However, the working definition is: Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public or mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military, economic, or political Review propaganda techniques definitions and power point Using Part I of the Propaganda Posters power point, have the students circulate the room and collect information on the Propaganda Posters Evidence Chart with respect to the type of propaganda technique being employed. (Many times the posters have more than one technique. First attract attention, then appeal to emotions. Introduction to Propaganda The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. Aldous Huxley, (1936). The Olive Tree. [1] Propaganda to the home front must create an optimum anxiety level. Attributed to Joseph Goebbels. [2] The conscious an

5. What are the key words used? What emotions do those words seek to arouse? 6. What is the purpose of this propaganda? What is it trying to get people to do or feel? 7. On a scale of 1 (very ineffective) to 5 (very effective), rate the effectiveness of this propaganda What key words are used? What emotions or reactions do those words seek to arouse? 6.) What is or was the purpose of this propaganda? What emotion was is trying to elicit? 7.) How effective did you find this propaganda and why? Author: DUREN, JOHN D GS-12 USAF AFMC NMUSAF/MU Plain folks propaganda is a technique used to portray a person as an ordinary citizen to their audience. This technique is commonly practiced by politicians. In politics, most politicians are wealthy, but they strive to present themselves as ordinary people to the citizens. They do several things to portray themselves as salt of the earth. Propaganda is an extreme form of persuasion and even goes on to force others to accept a one-sided message, even if it lacks sufficient evidence to support its claims, whereas persuasion gives others enough room to make up their own mind, based on the opinions and the information that is being provided to them

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tools (posters, radio, movies, etc.) and specific types of propaganda. The most common types used were fear, the bandwagon, name-calling, euphemism, glittering generalities, transfer, and the testimonial. The posters pulled at emotions-both positive and negative. They used words as ammunition. When yo Propaganda's Role in WWII. Propaganda played a prevalent role during WWII. It was used for many purposes which included recruiting for the army or helping out on the home front. Propaganda became very influential and shaped the way many Americans, Japanese, and Europeans viewed each other. During WWII, there were five main objectives along with.

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Name calling propaganda occurs when complementary or pejorative words are used by governments, individuals, or the media to describe another person or group. The purpose is to subliminally manipulate or influence public opinion in order to generate conformity with the opinions of those producing the propaganda AVANTE GARDE The suggestion that using this product puts the user ahead of the times e.g. a toy manufacturer encourages kids to be the first on their block to have a new toy.. BANDWAGON Bandwagon is a form of propaganda that exploits the desire of most people to join the crowd or be on the winning side, and avoid winding up the losing side A poster child for propaganda . . . The Word. by Gene Howington, Guest Blogger. Originally, I drafted this article with a preface about the story Michael Hastings recently broke on BuzzFeed about an amendment to the latest defense authorization bill that would legalize the use of propaganda on American audiences. However, as I worked on it this morning, our very own poet laureate and.

This propaganda worksheet focuses on bandwagon, loaded/emotional words, testimonial, and name calling. Using a short explanation, students are asked to identify which type of propaganda is used. Created by Beverly Brown, this is a 10 item practice worksheet that includes clip art. A key is includ Propaganda techniques. Introduction. This is part one of a series of articles I am writing about propaganda techniques, with the aim of explaining the seven main types that The Institute for Propaganda Analysis identified in 1938, and looking at current examples of their use.. Propaganda techniques are still very commonly used in the media, in advertising, in politics, in rhetoric and debate Bandwagon Appeal. The bandwagon appeal is a technique which is used to try and convince the consumer that everybody else is doing one thing, so they should be doing it too so they aren't different. This is an especially important technique today because people strive to be perfect more than ever. People fear being different because they fear. Emotional appeals and simplistic caricatures of the enemy influenced many Americans, but the CPI recognized that certain social groups had more complex propaganda needs. In order to reach intellectuals and pacifists, the CPI claimed that military intervention would bring about a democratic League of Nations and end warfare forever The advertisement uses loaded words like less and big to only show the big and huge idea. They do not tell us how big the taste actually is. Although in the poster it says that there is 40% less fat and 30% less calories, there might be a hidden unhealthy factor that makes the big taste. This propaganda uses card stacking by.

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W.E.B DuBois, Civil Rights activist, journalist, and educator, in his book Black Reconstruction, he researched the role African Americans played during America's Reconstruction period. DuBois targets an audience of any open-minded reader that is willing to read about history from the lens of an African American Definition of Loaded words in the Idioms Dictionary. Loaded words phrase. What does Loaded words expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. A word that carries additional emotional weight or significance—whether positive or negative—beyond its literal meaning Who are the primary targets of these types of propaganda and what emotions or ideas are they attempting to invoke? Create a typed response between 300 and 400 words which answers one of these particular questions fully. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Include the word count on the last [

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