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Professional Garage Door Tech From https://www.expressgaragedoorparts.com/springsShows how to correctly change a broken garage door torsion spring on your ga.. When a garage door spring breaks, the garage door opener may strain to lift the door or fail to move it at all. When this happens, you'll need to install a new spring. If you have the proper tools and feel confident in your understanding of mechanical systems, you can certainly replace broken garage door springs yourself Installation of a Standard Extension Spring for an IDEAL Garage Door

Move the locking pliers to the other side and remove the unbroken spring in the same way. Remove the locking pliers and lower the door fully. If the door is still heavy to lift, open the door, place the locking pliers and stretch the spring out by 1 to 2 inches. Don't exceed the gap between the two pulleys when the door is fully closed After my last garage door spring broke for 4 years ago the other one snapped, so I had a pro come in and replace both as well as the cables Slide the spring that you placed on the left side of the door at the beginning onto the shaft as shown. The stationary cone must be toward the center of the garage door while the winding cone must be toward the outside of the door. 21. You may need to loosen the set screws for the spring to slide onto the shaft

In this video you'll learn how to spot and replace a garage door extension spring. A few years back I narrowly avoided being hit by a spring that snapped. Sc.. Slip the torsion springs onto the spring tube, the red winding cone on the left end, the nylon center bearing, center bearing plate, and the black winding cone torsion spring on the right end (FIG. TOR-3). Cable drums go on next, the red drum on the left, black drum on the right. The set screws on the drums face the springs

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In this video, we show how to replace standard garage door torsion springs. Buy Standard Garage Door Torsion Springs - https://ddmgaragedoors.com/springs/sta.. Install the center bearing and the right spring, then secure the cones. Slide the torsion bar to the left then add the center bearing. Slide the right spring onto the bar and press the bearing into the stationary cone. Connect both of the stationary cones to the center bracket with the nuts and bolts you removed previously Start with the door in the closed position and, if you have an electric door opener, make sure it is turned off (lock-out). This allows easy access to the garage door spring. Unfortunately, that puts the maximum tension in the spring, so take your time and work slowly. To begin, insert a winding bar into one of the holes on the winding cone Release the tension on side-mounted extension springs by lifting the door and locking it in place on each side with a pair of locking pliers. Tie the extension spring to the roller track, then detach the cable from the bottom bracket with a pair of pliers A professional tech from https://www.expressgaragedoorparts.com/springs shows how many turns to put on your garage door torsion springs. This video applies t..

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Install the left spring Reassemble, then hang on the bearing bracket Slide the new torsion spring replacement onto the torsion tube with the stationary cone facing the center bracket. Then reinstall the cable drum with the garage door wire While it is possible to install your Clopay garage door on your own, you can get additional peace of mind by getting professional installation by a Clopay Dealer. Clopay also offers a 1-year installation warranty on replacement garage doors installed by a Master Authorized or Authorized Clopay Dealer Torsion Spring Installation This is a supplement to the Residential Garage Door Instructions (referred to as the MANUAL). It covers installation of torsion springs (STEP 14 of the MANUAL). For all other information and safety warnings concerning your garage door, see the MANUAL. Read the information in both manuals before beginning installation - The springs used in opening and closing a garage door support the entire weight of the garage door. This means that there is extreme tension in these springs and that any sudden and uncontrolled release of these springs is dangerous and could cause serious injuries. - There are two kinds of springs used: extension springs or torsion springs

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  1. Garage Door Installation - How to install a new door. 1.Remove Exisiting Door. 2.Attach Hardware to door section. 3.Place Sections in opening. 4.Install Track, insert rollers. 5.Attach springs and connect cables. 6.See Complete illustrated installation instructions, included with your new door
  2. Attach the spring to wall brackets above the door. Measure the length of the spring to find out how to space the brackets. Screw the holding brackets above the garage door opening, then rest the spring's metal ends on top of the brackets.
  3. Installing garage door cables is not something difficult, it's actually a task you can perform on your own, especially if you have some basic experience with wires and cables. Normally, the garage door operates all day long, opening and closing many times during the day. Broken and misaligned cables are a rather common problem when it comes to garage door cables, so you need to be able to.
  4. Why are Spring Bumpers Needed? Spring bumpers are often needed on residential garage doors to help assist the door to close from the open position when a jackshaft opener, such as the Liftmaster 8500, is used.Therefore, it is important to install push down spring bumpers, when necessary. Without this extra thrust, the cables are likely to peel off the drums as the opener initially turns the.
  5. utes. As you can see in the picture below the last coil on my spring was painted red. So I chose the new spring that had this color code
  6. How to Install Garage Door Springs. You want to begin by gathering your tools and supplies. Firstly, you'll need one, or more, 10-inch vice grips. You'll also need an adjustable wrench. In addition, you'll need two 1/2 x 18 winding bars to wind and unwind the springs. You can find a 1/2 by 36-inch steel rod at most hardware stores

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25. Open the garage door by hand. Lift from the side of the garage door that has the broken spring. This may be difficult with only one extension spring. You may need to have someone help you. 26. Once you open the garage door, vise-grip the track just below the bottom roller. Make sure that the vise-grip will hold when you let go of the garage. Bolt the tracks together. Install the springs. Install the torsion rod and pulleys. Attach the cable. Tighten the springs. Let's get started! Step 1. Release the Tension. To remove your old garage door, you need to release the tension in the torsion spring Install Standard Torsion Springs Install EZ-Set® Torsion Springs IDEAL Door is a leader in residential and commercial garage doors and a preferred brand among consumers, architects, specifiers and building professionals Introduction To Garage Door Springs. Garage door springs counterbalance the weight of the door to make it easy to open and close. They serve the same purpose of counterweights used to balance doors in centuries past as well as many doors today. For example, if a garage door weighs 100 pounds, a spring force of 100 pounds needs to pull against. Installing The Door Header Torsion Spring Assembly The spring (or springs) assembly mounts above the door, usually on the header, but sometimes back a distance on the ceiling. The springs mount to a shaft, and the drums are also mounted on either end of the shaft to carry cables attach to the door's bottom brackets

1 - Extension springs are color coated, see the chart below and order accordingly. 2 - Weigh the door. For a single car door place a bath scale in the center of the opening, remove all spring tension from the door and lower the door onto the scale. For a double door use two bath scales, a foot in from each side of the opening Garage Door Spring Wind Direction Color Chart. In most cases, you can determine the wind of your garage door torsion spring by using the color-coded system on the cones at the end of the spring. Usually, you will have two springs on your door, which will be color-coded. In MOST (not all) cases, the end on the right hand wind is black and the.

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Your garage door springs should survive 10,000-20,000 cycles before they wear down and break, but when a garage door is on the fritz, it's usually a spring's fault. Attempting to repair or replace garage door springs can be a dangerous job, and it's usually not worth the risk of DIY-ing How To Choose Garage Door Extension Springs. Garage door springs must properly match the door's weight. Choosing springs that can support the weight will provide you with a properly balanced door. Balanced doors: Stay flat on the floor when closed. Suspended halfway up or down the door. Won't have any problems staying open Replace the torsion springs. Install the torsion hardware back again. Wind new garage door springs. Check and lube garage door. Reconnect opener. To avoid unnecessary risk you can always use the help of a professional. This installation process can be dangerous, so it's best to err on the side of caution

­If you have a basic, un-insulated steel garage door, then you are a perfect candidate for a manual garage door. To install, all you need to do is secure the door with a torsion spring system. This kind of installation generally requires only a drill, its bits, a hex wrench and an open-end wrench To measure the torsion springs, follow each of the following steps carefully. If the garage door has two springs measure each spring individually. It is not uncommon to have two different size springs. If you prefer a matching set, we can convert a mismatched set to a matching set. You can also always call us at 260-691-3822 Open your garage door fully. Open the door, unplug the opener, and disconnect the door from the opener X Research source by pulling the emergency release cord down and back until the spring locks in the open position. You will then be able to open the door fully and release the tension on the springs Garage Door Nation Spring Wizard. Our easy-to-use wizard will find the right torsion springs for your garage door. For each question below, you will find a link to an instructional video that will show you step-by-step how to get the right measurement. If you cannot find a measurement that matches yours in the dropdowns for Inside Diameter. With everything hooked up carefully lower the door and watch that the cables are staying in place. Does the door close? Yes, good job, now you are done replacing garage door springs. Take a look at Adjusting Garage Door Springs, if your door needs adjustment (the link is three paragraphs back). ,if the door is not closing quite right

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  1. The Right Garage Door Torsion Spring Specifications Protect the Door. Replacing a too-big or too-small torsion spring with the right size will balance the door and make it safe again. The door will rise with less effort and remain safely in place. The garage door opener may also need to be replaced if it has been damaged by springs that are too.
  2. DIY Garage Door Parts Bonus Tip: Use 3/32-inch torsion spring cables with Torque Force 400-144 drums to create more separation for your cable and make them virtually silent. Extension Spring Cables Extension spring garage doors usually come standard with 3/32-inch cables
  3. Clopay ® Garage Door Installation Videos. These videos will help you with the installation of your new Clopay® garage doors. The videos have been broken into segments to make downloading easier. To learn more about installing Clopay® garage doors, go to our garage door installation overview
  4. Garage door spring services: Replacing and installing garage door torsion springs can be dangerous without the proper tools and experience. For someone who knows how to replace garage door springs properly, call Discount Garage Door now for fast and professional garage door repair

Answer: 1 hour. Explanation: A garage door with two springs usually takes on average 30mins to 1 hour. If you are a professional it is a simple repair. United Garage Door. Answer: 1 hour. Explanation: Garage door spring replacements vary. A typical job would take between 30 mins to 1 hour 4.4 Take the spring on the left and place it at the left end of the door as pictured here. Notice that the end of the wire points to the right toward the center of the door. This is a right wind torsion spring. It will go above the garage door on the left side of the spring anchor bracket Install new or use these right and left-wound torsion springs to replace broken sectional garage door torsion springs. All DURA-LIFT springs meet the DASMA standard rating of 10,000 plus door open and close cycles

Whatever the case, garage door springs are an essential component of the garage door system and are independent of the automatic garage door unique opener. When you are preparing to buy a garage door spring, you need to also take into consideration the overall cost of buying or replacing your springs How to Install Heavy Wood Garage Doors. Prior to the advent of sectional garage doors and roller tracks, many single and double garages had a wood panel door that mounted on heavy-duty hinges at.

Replacing the Torsion Springs. Start on the right side by sliding the drum to the left towards the center of the garage door, away from the bearing plate. File the end of the shaft if necessary. Remove the shaft from the headplate on the other side of the garage door if the shaft didn't slide out yet Garage door springs offset the weight of a garage door and allow the door to be opened and closed easily, either by hand or with an automatic opener. The high-tension steel in the springs has a limited lifespan, and over time, the springs will lose their effectiveness and need replacing Jan 19, 2016 - DIYNetwork.com has step-by-step instructions on how to install a garage door TorqueMaster Springs. Torquemaster springs are an alternative to the traditional torsion spring system. The torsion spring in this particular system is hidden within the metal tube over the garage door opening. The idea behind the design for this system is that hiding the spring makes it a safer alternative to systems with exposed springs

Many of the accidents that occur while fixing garage door springs are due to installing springs that are too strong. 75. Slowly pull down on the winding bar until the garage door rises 3 and the roller hits the vise grip on the track. The door will usually drop back down and raise the bar 5. How To Tighten and Release Garage Door Springs. The next step is fixing garage door spring tension. You need to adjust both springs equally by moving the hook to a different hole at a time. To decrease tension on the garage door spring, you should move the spring hook to a lower hole on the door track. This reduces spring tension SPRINGS FOR YOUR ONE-PIECE GARAGE DOOR OR TOY HAULER - P336 springs handle a 125-250lb. door with 2 springs SIMPLE INSTALLATION - install new or replace old, rusty springs quickly and by yourself SAFETY CONTAINMENT ROD - if and when spring breaks, the coils will remain wrapped around middle rod for protectio

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The Last Spring Repair You'll Ever Pay For. Just like car tires are rated by miles, garage door springs are rated by an estimated number of cycles (1 cycle = your garage door going up AND down 1 time). The springs used by our competition range anywhere from 5,000-10,000 cycles, whereas we use a high-grade steel spring rated for 25,000-50,000. The garage door opener is the only component of your garage that goes under great deterioration over years of use. It is smart to invest in an annual inspection of your overhead garage door opener in Sacramento or hire a garage door opener repair service for the necessary fixings.. Cannot figure out what to assess and what to leave during a garage door installation in Roseville especially the. How to install garage door springs. The first step is to attach the single spring to the sheave fork and fasten it in place with the black bushing. Then connect the sheave fork to the sheave and place the sheave bolt in the specially designed holes. This operation is done on the ground for more comfort. When complete, attach the sheave to the. Identify the manufacturer and part number of your cable drum. 2. Calculate the distance from the floor to the center line of the garage door spring torsion shaft. 3. Calculate the amount of high lift your garage door has (if applicable) by using one of the following methods 3. Lower the door and use 2 metal rods to adjust the tension in the spring. Lower the garage door, clamp or bolt it shut so it can't open, and insert 1 metal rod into 1 of the holes around the perimeter of the spring. Then, insert another rod into a hole below the rod you already inserted

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how to install garage door springs and cables ⭐ For more information visit our website ⭐ For 24 hr emergency repairs | Call (587) 807-0897 Legion Garage Doors Edmonton » how to install garage door springs and cables. How to Adjust Garage Door Springs and Cables Repairing could be a therapeutic endeavor; say, damages aren't as complicated and would only require one to tweak this and tug that. Repairing complex machines

130 pound weight capacity - spring for 130 pound garage door using extension spring system. Springs for your sectional garage door - replacement extension springs based on your garage door weight. Simple installation - install new or replace old, rusty springs quickly (professional installation recommended Garage door spring repair austin cedar park overhead doors how to adjust a garage door spring with pictures wikihow diy tips to replace broken garage door springs how to replace a garage door spring hunker garage door torsion spring replacement how to you should i have 1 or 2 torsion springs on my garage door The general process is simple and safe: open the door to relieve the spring tension (and secure it open with C-clamps in the tracks); disconnect the spring from the track bracket and the spring pulley, and disconnect the safety cable from one end; install the new spring, reinstall the pulley, and reconnect the safety cable, and you're done Garage door spring repair broken garage door springs repair garage door spring in fort lauderdale payless garage door repair venice ca 4 S To Replacing Garage Door Springs First CoastHow To Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs Porter9173117Garage Door Springs Repair Santa Rosa Mercial ResidentialWhen To Replace Your Garage Door Springs Allied Doors WestWhy Replace Your.. Begin installing your new door. If you're installing a two-car garage door, place a reinforcing bar on the top panel to prevent the door from bowing in the center. Be sure the bar is centered on the panel. Drill pilot holes (Image 1), and secure the bar with screws. Attach hinges to the top of each panel (Image 2)

The spring works by either compressing the spindle or unravelling it to open and close the door. If the garage door is being held up extension springs, there should be two on each side of the door. These will stretch and coil to aid the opening and closing of the door. Durability of the Spring Installing a power opener for your garage door will make it easier to open and close. It will cost between $200-$500 to have a power opener installed, depending on the type of opener you buy, and the time required by the mechanic. What should I do if my garage door spring is broken? The tension spring on your garage door is what keeps it from. Sep 15, 2014 - Need to repair overhead garage door springs and cables? Follow along as a pro walks through the steps of replacing a broken garage door spring. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures I'v seen the same system but a better design.Install the spring inside of a pvc pipe,lay horz. on the trl. frame, install a roller on the end and a wire from the spring to the tailgate.No spring to get in the way Knowing garage door clearance requirements will help you avoid ordering the wrong garage door set-up for your needs. Garage doors use either torsion springs or extension springs to raise and lower the door. Torsion springs mount on a bar above the door, while extension springs stretch down the side of the upper tracks

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Open up the door and use a vice grip just below the bottom garage door roller on both sides to hold the door open while you change the cables. Go to the center of your door and loosen the sets screws on the springs with 1/4 turns Garage Door Torsion Spring & Winding Bar Tool 24 Length, 2 Inside Diameter, 0.225 Wire Size, Right Wound. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 16. $44.49

P730 30 in. Plug-End Extension Spring (0.177 in. No. 7 Wire) The Holmes-Hally P730 30 in. Plug-End Extension The Holmes-Hally P730 30 in. Plug-End Extension Spring is a spring replacement for 1-piece / tilt-up / canopy-style garage doors. Two P730 springs - one on each side of the door - can handle a 90 lbs. to 150 lbs. door, with an initial tension of 110 lbs. to 120 lbs Torsion Springs . . Broken torsion spring? Learn how to select the right torsion springs for your garage door, and then how to install your springs by yourself Installing the door with the correct spring matters, you'll likely only worry about this when you need to replace a spring. The size of the spring will depend largely on the weight of the door. Remember, the spring is a counterweight so it needs to be the right size to properly lift and lower the garage door Garage door springs are affordable parts to purchase and will cost from as low as $15 and up to $100 depending on the type of springs you are installing. It helps to have a clean work area. First, the lower door panel needs to be set up in the center of the doorway

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Replacing garage door extension springs is not a difficult task, provided you know all the key steps. Granted, garage door spring installation work requires time and attention, so it is best to save the task for the afternoon of a free day. If done carefully, you should be able to balance garage door extension springs in their place and get the. Leave the handling and installation of garage door springs to the people who are trained to work with and around them. For the highest quality garage door installation and repair services in the Broomfield, Northglenn region call A Better Garage Door. We offer a full range of garage door services including 24/7 emergency services so give us a call How to Fix a Garage Door Spring - Installing the New Springs Slide the left spring onto the tube and add the cable drum. Install the center bearing and the right spring, then secure the cones. Thread the cables and tighten the drums. Wind the springs. Stretch the springs out 14 inch (0.64 cm ). With our garage door services, you don't need to know how to install a garage door or a garage door opener. We'll take care of that for you with help from our professional independent installers. They'll manage the job from start to finish, handling measurements all the way to actual installation and more If you aren't able to install a rear torsion spring system on a low head room garage, you'll need to install extension springs. If possible though, we recommend torsion springs, both in this case and in all regular head room garages. Torsion springs last longer and are stronger. Torsion springs give better control while in motion

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Springs in general last about 10-14 years or 15-20 thousand cycles. Perfect Solutions recommends replacing all springs on your door, even if only 1 snaps or breaks. This we believe is the most cost effective solution long term, and ensures the safety of your garage doors. Generally if one spring breaks, the other is not far behind anyway Installing garage door springs is NOT recommended unless done by a trained professional. This article will attempt to describe the process but does not in any way suggest it should be done on ones own. Please call a professional for this job!! You can be severely injured if done improperly Garage Door Spring Cost. Repairing a broken garage door spring costs $40 to $80 for winding, balancing, and lubricating the springs. Garage door spring replacement costs $120 to $350 on average. Garage door springs alone cost $30 to $100 for a torsion spring and $20 to $50 for an extension spring

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Here's a breakdown of the average costs for repairing different parts of a garage door: Springs: $250. Track: $200. Cables: $99. Roller: $129 per door. Sensor: $99. Glass windows: $229. For garage door opener parts, you can expect to pay around $149 Garage door springs are large wire coils that help to lift and lower garage doors. With properly installed and adjusted springs, a homeowner only has to get the door started by manually moving it up or down a bit, before the springs take over. Automatic garage door openers will get the door started for you, but the springs still do the actual. Garage door springs are affordable parts to purchase and will cost from as low as $15 and up to $100 depending on the type of springs you are installing. If you decide to do the job yourself and go the DIY route, then there are several costs to factor in addition to the expense of the springs WARNING: Torsion springs, extension springs, and other garage door hardware can cause serious injury or death if not handled and installed properly. Professional installation is recommended. Do NOT attempt to install springs or hardware yourself unless you have the proper tools, reasonable mechanical aptitude and experience, and upper arm strength We do install insulated garage doors. Our garage door insulation method is in very high demand. Garage Door Opener Englewood CO is the premier company with the best technicians available and ready to help your garage door installation & garage door spring installation

The Dura-Lift heavy-duty 180-pound extension garage door springs are great for heavy doors (large and/or insulated). Make sure to get the right weight-rating for your door, installing a spring that is too strong will prevent your garage door from operating properly and could be a safety hazard A garage door generally has two extension springs, one on each side of the door and runs parallel to the track. They extend when the door is lowered and closed and retract as it opens. There are two at either side of the door to help with the tensile strength of each spring, even though the extension is separate from one another Garage Door Springs Cost. Garage door spring repair costs an average of $250 for both materials and labor with a typical range between $150 and $350 which includes replacing two springs.For multi-door garages or installs needing other components replaced, you might pay up to $500.. Repair almost always means replacement, but you might only need to balance the door and lubricate the springs. Install new or use this pair of left and right-wound torsion springs to replace broken sectional garage door torsion springs. Both the winding and stationary cones are professionally installed for safe operation Stainless Garage Door Cables for Torsion Springs Garage Door Lift Cables 8'6 by 1/8 4 Cables in one Pack Prime-Line GD 52262 Extension Spring Cable Set, 1/8 in. x 13-1/2 ft, Galvanized Carbon Steel, Pack of

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  1. Drive a nail header above the garage door and slightly bend it over the top of the door with a vise grip. The nail will keep the top section of the garage door from falling over once the horizontal track is removed. Loosen the bolts on the horizontal track on both sides of the door. Then, remove the bolts. Be careful and hold on to the track so.
  2. A garage door that functions correctly is supported by the correct springs and cables. The cables will hold the weight of the door while the springs provide the energy to lift and lower a balanced door. The springs also support the garage door opener by relieving some of the stress from the weight of the door. How Many Springs Do I Need to Replace
  3. Torque master torsion spring: Based on a two-spring system, this is the safest type of garage door spring because the springs are situated inside the shaft. Extension Garage Door Springs Extension springs expand and contract when your garage door is lowered or raised by motor or by hand

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  1. ates the difficult and dangerous manual winding process, with the ability to set the spring tension in seconds with a 3/8 power drill
  2. Needed to replace both existing weak springs on present garage door, found what I needed, add stated a pair of springs, SEE ADD:, Garage Door Extension Springs - Stretch Springs - PAIR - for 7' high door - NEW! (130 # Yellow) when order arrived, there was only 1 spring in the box
  3. Know about Garage Door Bearings and Bearing Plates. Garage doors that use torsion springs also have bearings and bearing plates that sometimes need to be replaced. The center bushing or bearing is found inside the stationary cone of your torsion spring and keeps the torsion bar centered in the middle of the spring
  4. Tip 3: Choose the right garage door opener. When buying a garage door opener, choose a 1/3 hp or 1/2 hp garage door opener for a single garage door (1/3 hp can be hard to find at some home centers). Go with 1/2 hp for a double door and 3/4 hp for a door that has a wood or faux wood overlay (they can be heavy!)
  5. SECTIONAL GARAGE DOOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SERIES 321, 323, 327, 329. WARNINGS & SAFETY INFORMATION 2 SAFETY INFORMATION POTENTIAL HAZARD EFFECT PREVENTION MOVING DOOR HIGH SPRING TENSION WARNING Could result in death or serious injury Keep people clear of opening while Door is moving. Do Not allow children to play with the Door operator
  6. imum of 10,000 open and close cycles. Here at 365garagedoorparts.net we also offer upgraded springs that increase the life of your torsion spring up to 25,000 cycles, rest assured the decision is yours on choosing a standard torsion spring or a beefier upgraded spring
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Springs for your sectional garage door - measure 20 coils to determine spring wire gauge and coil-to-coil length to determine correct replacement spring. Simple installation - install new or replace old, rusty springs quickly (professional installation recommended) Corrosion resistant - coated steel coils to help slow rusting process over. Garage door cables can be adjusted by the home handyman with a little bit of patience and a few simple hand-tools. Adjusting the garage door cables and the springs is a typical do-it-yourselfer's kind of a job. Because the garage door springs can be somewhat tricky to manage and are very dangerous things to adjust incorrectly, you will need to ask a friend to help you Garage Door Installation. Cable Repair. Call Us For Quote : 801-396-7178 (rose) Jeff's Garage Doors, provides new garage door and garage door repair service. Jeff's Garage Doors Inc is a family owned and operated company that specializes in providing quality workmanship and the most competitive garage door service pricing combined with.

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Garage door repairs cables are categorized according to the door spring your residential or commercial garage door is using. If its torsion springs installed, then a torsion cables are used in that particular entry, else if extended springs used, extended cables are connected The springs are 26 inches before the install. Springs are tightened with door down. As the door is raised the tension is released from the springs some what. Has to have some tension on the springs or the door will not stay open safely. I turn each spring 32ea 1/4 turns with rods. Every door is different These types of torsion springs provide lifting force for heavy garage doors and must be selected by the spring's dimensions, rather than the door's weight. See the product specifications with illustrations found in Prime-Line's Torsion Spring Selection Guide to assure that the proper replacement spring has been selected